10 Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive

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All you need is a little creativity and aesthetics to make your home look expensive. More square footage does make a home look expensive but this does not have to be a defining factor. Always purchase quality products.

So how can you add a touch of glam and luxe to make your home look expensive? Here are a few tricks you can keep up your sleeve:

Upgrade your light Fixtures

This is an easy way to make your home look expensive. Invest in light fixtures and it will automatically elevate your home. This might cost you money but has a huge impact. If you live in a rental you can replace your fixtures but be sure to keep the original house fixtures intact for when you’re moving. Let your lighting make a statement in your home. For a more cost-friendly option, you can invest in a fancy lampshade and this will also improve your aesthetics.

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Invest in artwork, especially large artwork. Large artwork commands your attention and introduces a sense of luxury to a room. They make your home look expensive effortlessly. If you’re on a budget, you can paint your own artwork and make it a DIY Project.

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Metallic Accents

Use more metallic accents in your home to add a more elegant touch. You can get metallic vases Silver or Gold depending on your color palette. Just buy some metallic accents like candelabras and accent tables. You can also make a DIY project out of it and spray paint your decor to have metallic accents. You can add various metallic finishes in various parts of the house i.e. you can spray paint your taps.

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Flowers and Greenery

There’s just something about flowers. They make your home look expensive and elegant. They bring an element of freshness and a sense of elegance. You can use fresh flowers but they may become expensive over time, so you may want to buy faux flowers and greenery. You can put your flowers in an accent vase. This will make your home look expensive


Simplicity goes a long way. Get rid of things you don’t need to make your current decor accents and furniture stand out. If you don’t use it get rid of it. Nowadays cleaning has become an art of putting things in storage boxes for aesthetics. If you want to make your home look expensive get rid of the clutter.


Mirrors are an amazing way to open up a space. If you place mirrors strategically, they have a way of lightening up a space and brightening it up. Mirrors have a way of making a room more airy. They also make a room appear bigger.

Accessorize your Walls

You can accessorize your walls by painting your walls or by adding wallpaper. The right color, shade and texture of a wall can make your home look expensive. You can accessorize your wall by adding textile art to your walls. You can also use stencils to create elegant shapes on your walls.


Make the most of your windows by investing in the right curtains and the right curtain hardware. Hanging your curtains just below the ceiling gives the illusion that you have higher ceilings and longer windows making your home look expensive and elegant.

High-End Finishes

Invest in high-end finishes such as marble and wood. Marble has this sense of elegance to it. There are tiles that have marble finish and wood finish so you still get the elegant feel on a budget. If you’re in a rental you can invest in marble wallpaper and it does not have to go on the walls or floor but you can apply the wallpaper on shelves, this will make your home look expensive.

Color Palette

With the right color palette you can create a rich vibe in your home. There are certain colors that exhibit elegance like blue and red. You can include these colors in your accent wall. But you should always keep in mind that colors can affect your mood and state of mind.

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