15 Simple Ways To Make a Small Room Look Bigger

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Small rooms can be cozy and all but sometimes it feels too cramped and it can be hard to decorate. So how can you make a small room look bigger? Here are some tips and tricks on how to make your small room look bigger whether it’s a living room, office, or bedroom. 

Invest in mirrors 

Mirrors work like magic and they’re an ideal accessory to make a small room look bigger. They help in creating an illusion that a room is bigger but it’s just a reflection. Just be sure to place your mirrors in a way when the sunlight hits the room the mirrors reflect the sun rays. This will make the room look brighter and more airy. 

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Add stripes 

Stripes also help in creating the illusion of more space. Vertical stripes help in drawing the eye upward while horizontal stripes help in making a room seem wider. Both vertical and horizontal stripes will make a small room look bigger. You can add stripes to your room by investing in a striped wallpaper, buying a striped carpet, or by just painting your house. 

Use clear furniture 

When buying furniture, opt for see-through furniture, this is also another good way to create the illusion that furniture is not taking up too much of your space. You can invest in glass coffee tables, acrylic stools. This will make a small room look bigger

Furniture with legs 

This is a great idea for opening up new spaces. Furniture with legs showing helps in creating the impression that a room is bigger. This also helps in making the room seem less congested. More floor space will make a small room look bigger. 

15 simple ways to make a small room look bigger
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Multifunctional furniture 

Invest in multi functional furniture so as to fully utilize the small space you have. When buying furniture, get furniture you can get dual purpose furniture to utilize the space you have i.e. an ottoman that also serves as storage space. 

Light color scheme 

If you have a small space go for lighter colors as they make a room look more airy and brighter. Dark colors may be trendy and may be your style but if your space is small it’s better to just compromise and go light because dark colors can make a small room look congested and stuffy. 

Large artwork 

When it comes to wall decor, if you want to make a small room look bigger large artwork will do the trick. This is better than small multiple pieces of furniture. Small multiple pieces of artwork will make a room look cluttered. 


When buying curtains go for light airy sheer curtains. The bulky curtains may look prettier at the store but they will just make your house look stuffy. Heavy curtains also prevent light from getting in the house. Always go for sheer light curtains to make a small room look bigger. Sheer curtains will ensure that the room is always bright. 

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Utilize Corners 

Having floating  corner shelves creates the illusion that the space is bigger. While you can’t do it for every corner. Just one corner will have that effect. 


Clutter will make a home look smaller and claustrophobic. When it comes to small spaces, less is more. You don’t need all 50 artificial plants and flowers or 30 pillows on your seats. This may sound hard especially when every home decor magazine says those are the things to include but they also feature bigger homes. Stick to your lane. 

Ceiling Details 

Add some ceiling details i.e. paint your ceiling a different color as this gives the illusion you have long walls and is also a great way of making a small room look bigger. 

Light-Colored Flooring

Get a light colored carpet to give the illusion that you have a much larger space. Dark carpet can come off as making the room look cluttered. 

Color palette 

Create a color palette that works for your space. Include various patterns and colors that make your space feel light and airy. Having a color pattern will make a small room look bigger.

Invest in lighting 

Have several sources of light in the room. This will create a cozy home effect. Having floor lamps and table lamps will create the illusion of a bigger room. 

Don’t clutter your shelves

Always keep your shelves airy and coordinated. If you haven’t caught the drift by now, with a small room you want to keep things light and airy to make any small room look bigger.

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