How to decorate a small bedroom – 15 Hacks

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When it comes to bedrooms bigger isn’t always better. You can decorate a small bedroom and make it look much more cozier than a bigger bedroom. It may seem claustrophobic but with a strategic layout and organization, it will look just as stylish as a big bedroom.

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There are also benefits to having a small bedroom, you will not have to buy excessive furniture that you will never use. Here are ways you can decorate a small bedroom and add more life to it.

Keep the layout simple

Keep your furniture layout simple, place the bed on the centre of the main wall. You can get creative with the accessories but for the layout keep it as simple as you possibly can. If you want to decorate a small bedroom simplicity is key in ensuring your room is as stylish as can be.

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Hidden Storage

Work with hidden storage if yo want to decorate a small bedroom. You will want to utilize any extra space that you might have. Invest in furniture and storage organization that will help you maximize your wardrobe space to avoid extra clothes lying around.. You can invest in under bed storage based on the design of your bed. This is a great way of keeping your bedroom organized at all times.

Mount your lamps

While it’s ideal to have table lamps and floor lamps in a bedroom, you might want to consider you options if you have a small bedroom. If you’re working with a small room you may want al the space you can get and table and floor lamps occupy a lot of space. If you want to decorate a small bedroom you may want to invest in wall sconces or pendant lights to avoid a cluttered room. This will help you make the most of your bedside tables

Get Floating Shelves

This is one of the easiest ways you can decorate a small bedroom. You can sdd additional shelving in your room, this way you can arrance the books as you see aesthetically fit, you can store flowers and greenery on the shelves while still having alot of space.

You can even choose where to have the floating shelves depending on your style. It’s best to have the floating shelves above your bedside tables. If you place the shelves above your headboard just make sure they’re sturdy enough in case of an earthquake. The floating shelves can act as your accent wall and they give you more options on how to decorate a small bedroom.

Double duty furniture

If you don’t have enough room for your bedroom furniture you might want to consider double duty furniture. This way your bedroom still looks great and the functionality is maximized. Instead of having nightstands you can have a nightstand or a vanity table as a night stand. While accent chairs at the end of the bed are ideal, you can have a bed bench with storage as well. This is one of the most effective ways to decorate a small bedroom and still attain functionality.


Strategic styling is key when it comes to decorating a smaller bedroom. Mirrors will help in reflecting light giving the illusion of a much bigger and airy room. They have a way of giving a great visual impression.

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Bright Colors

If you want your bedroom to look more ary and spacious, you might want to go for brighter colors. Bright colors have a way of making a room feel fresh. You can have a color palette of different bright colors if you don’t want to have an all white bedroom. You can add warmer colors that will help you add warmth.

Get a bed with storage

If you’re working with a small bedroom you might want to get a bed with storage, either a bed frame with storage or one with pull out drawers. This will help you maintain your style while still being effective. You can use vacuum sealed bags to store clothes or itrms that you don’t ocassionally use under the bed. If you get a bed with a frame that has storage you can store all your extra books in there as well.

If you don’t want to invest in new furniture, you can always buy storage containers that you can use under the bed. You can also invest in an ottoman that has storage.


Keep you room as clean as you possibly can. If you want to decorate a small bedroom you should avoid crowding it with any unneccessary stuff. Get rid of any clutter and any items you no longer use to ensure the bedroom is as organized as could possibly be. Clear floors and organized storage give the illusion of a bigger room.

Accessorize with color

If you have a bright colored room, you can elevate your space by having accessories with your favorite colors. You can add pops of color by having a colored rug, or a painting with your favorite colors. This will help in elevating your room and make it much cozier.

Don’t forget your ceiling

Let your ceiling make a statement. Let your ceiling always be aesthetically pleasing. You can have a patterned ceiling, you can add texture, or stripes and even polka dots just to give the illusion that you have higher ceilings. If you have a sloppy ceiling you can add polka dots or any pattern of your choice. If you have a flat ceiling you can paint your ceilings a different color from the walls.

Bold Colors

If you’re not a big fan of bright colors you can always go for bold colors and make them work. Bold colors may make a room look stuffy but depending on how you accessorize, this may not always be the case. They can actually serve as a distraction on the size of the room.

Natural Light

Let in a lot of natural light in your bedroom. You can have ultra-dark curtains to help you sleep better but always make sure during the day all the natural light, you can get. If you cannot get natural light in your room, you can always invest in lighting. You can have a chandelier which can also act as a statement piece.

Statement Bed

If you want a statement bed, go for it. Do not limit yourself just because you are working with a small space. Just work backward, make your statement bed the focal point. You can work around the statement bed.

Feature Wall

Another way of decorating a small bedroom is by having a feature wall. You can have a statement wall by having wallpaper on one wall. You can also decide to go for wood paneling on one wall.


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