Genius Moving Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

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Moving Hacks

Moving can be tedious and exhausting. Not to mention the hassle that comes with packing and unpacking your stuff. Moving can take a toll even if you’re a great organizer. There are professional movers who can make your life easier by doing all the dirty work for you. However, if you’re on a budget and you have to do the dirty work yourself, here are some moving hacks you can work with;

Preparing For The Move

One of the best moving hacks is preparing for the move. You have to be well prepared before moving day. Here are some tips on how you can prepare for the move

  • Set your budget: Moving can be very expensive. Estimate the amount you would need to move. There are many factors to consider like the cost of packing boxes, labels, transport or movers. Make sure you factor in all costs as you set your budget.
  • Set a moving date: After you’ve determined your budget, set the exact date you want to move. This will prepare you mentally to have your things packed by a certain date.
  • Packing supplies: You’ll need boxes, plastic wrap and labels to mention a few. Get your packing supplies as soon as you can to start packing your stuff. You can get them for free or you can buy.
  • Clear out the fridge & freezer: You wnt to make sure you don’t have food in your fridge or freezer before the moving day. If you have a lot of food, you can consider transporting the fridge yourself so you can connect it to power as soon as possible. If you’re moving long distance then you’ll want to donate your food or give your friends.

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Moving can be the perfect time to get rid of clutter in your home. Don’t carry clutter to your new home. Here are some tips that will help you declutter

  • Check your drawers: Drawers tend to collect the most clutter from makeup, jewelry, unnecessary kithen products. Clear the clutter in your drawers before moving.
  • Clear your closet: If you have not won it in over a year, if you don’t like how it looks on you and if it oesnt make you feel god. Get rid of it by donating it or selling it.
  • Donate: If you have anything in excess get rid of it. If you have more than you need consider donating it. If you have too many sets of plates or too many glasses. Consider donating to the nearest charity.

Packing Hacks

Packing and unpacking is the most tedious thing about moving. However, there are certain packing tips and moving hacks that can make the entire process bearable. Here are several genius packing hacks you can implement to make your moving easier;

1. Labeling Hacks

  • Good Labeling: This is one of the effective moving hacks. Label the side of your boxes by listing where it belongs, top side up and if it contains fragile items.
  • Color code: Color coding each box by room makes things easier. Pick a color per room to track the location of each box.
  • Take pictures: If you have boxes with important documents or items make sure you take a photo of what’s inside.
  • Essentials: Pack a bag wit all your essentials for the day you’re moving. Some toiletries, chargers, documents and anything that you would need before unpacking.

2. Kitchen Packing Hacks

  • Wrap anything that might spill in clear film as you’re packing.
  • Place your knives in oven mitts or wrap them with towels and secure them with a rubber band.
  • Use your big pots, tupperware and pans to store spices and small items that may fit in.
  • Utilize clear film to wrap your utencils together i.e. spoons.
  • Use clean socks to pad your drinking glasses
  • Cushion your plates in a dish rack
  • Defrost the items in our fridge in advance

3. Bedroom Packing Hacks

  • Use your handbags to store and transport your makeup, skin care products.
  • To prevent your makeup from breaking place cotton balls in your eyeshadow, foundation, bronzer and anything you don’t want to crack
  • Roll your clothes instead of folding them. This will reduce the creases you get from the traveling and will help save on space.
  • Leave your clothes in hangers and wrap them in garbage bags.
  • Use clear film to wrap your dresser drawers so you don’t have to reorganize again. Secure the drawer by fillingit in with towels or old grocery bags.
  • Store your jewelry in egg cartons to keep them organized and prevent them from tangling.

4. Bathroom Packing Hacks

  • Use clear film to wrap anything that may leak. Things like shower gels and hair products to prevent an accidental spillage.

5. Electronic Packing Hacks

  • Use old toilet paper tubes to store your electric cables and wires
  • Take a photo of the back of your TV so you can remember where all the wires go when you’re setting it up again.
  • If you have a printer remember to take out the ink cartidges before transporting your printer, the last thing you want is an ink leak.
  • Store all your cables separately i.e. those that go in your TV, printer and home theatre to avoid confusion.

6. Living Room

  • Wrap your picture frames and mirrors with pool noodles and owels to protect them.
  • Bubble wrap your light bulbs to avoid any breakages
  • Pack your books in suitcases to make it easier for you to move them

Moving day moving hacks

This is one of the most tiring days. It’s tedious and super stressful. Here are some hacks that will help you cope

  • Make sure you have finished packing t night before you move. Last minute packing can lead to slopyness and you might forget some items.
  • Pack snacks, water and refreshments for the actual day you’re moving.
  • If you ave kids and or pets you can opt to have them stay with family or friends to spare them the hassle that comes with moving.


Unpacking after moving can be tedious. If you want to avoid procrastinating here are some tips to help with that;

  • It’s always easier to start with the kitchen. Unpack your litchen items to make it easir to make food and snacks.
  • Clean the rooms as you finish unpacking. Get rid of any packing material once you’re done with any room. This way once you’re done unpacking you have a clean home.
  • Set a date when you should have finished unpacking. It can be very easy to procrastinate so when you give yourself a deadline you’ll be motivated.

These moving hacks will make it easier for you to move.

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