Gallery Wall Designs

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Are you looking for gallery wall designs for your home? Here are some timeless tips and ideas you can use for your home improvement project. Gallery walls have a way of elevating the home making it more elegant. Displaying your favorite pieces and your family portraits can be overwhelming. You may not know what to place and where.

Here are some gallery wall designs you can incorporate into your home;

Above the couch

If you have a couch backed up against a wall and you’re wondering what to do with the space above it, a gallery wall is a nice way to fill it up. There are so many ways you can set up a gallery wall design above the couch. You can place your family portraits, a display of your favorite art collectibles, or your favorite paintings. The options are limitless when it comes to setting up above your couch. To make it easier you can first layout the design on the floor to see if you’ll actually like it before hanging it up.

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Staircase gallery

If your stairway is boring, you can incorporate a staircase gallery to bring it to life. Most of the time, people put family portraits along the staircase but you can get creative and create a gallery that suits your taste. Make your staircase stunning by creating a gallery wall. You can incorporate different media as well, such as vinyl CDs, baskets, and old pans. Anything that suits your taste

Colorful Wall

If you’re looking for gallery wall designs, you can try a wall with a splash of color. If you love colorful things, you can try and incorporate a colorful wall in your home. Invest in colorful art pieces and bring them to life in your home by creating a colorful wall gallery. While a lot of colors might not be for everyone. Always go with what you want in your own home. Don’t try to impress people, do what makes your soul shine.

Floor to Ceiling Gallery

There’s something artistic about a floor-to-ceiling gallery. If you’re looking for ideas on gallery walls you can try a floor-to-ceiling gallery. This can be a tricky one to incorporate. You don’t want to have a stuffy and congested wall. A floor-to-ceiling wall gallery may look great in a bigger house as compared to a smaller one.

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