How to create a gallery wall – The ultimate guide

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Gallery walls are a great way of elevating your interior. So how do you create a gallery wall? Creating a gallery wall does not need to be complicated. All you need to do is showcase your personality and style by bringing your favorite art pieces together. You can add a variety of colors, prints, patterns, photos, and textures. A gallery wall can be pictures, postcards, frames, artwork, and souvenirs.

Start a collection

When you want to create a gallery wall, start making a collection of things you love. It can be handmade prints you got while on vacation, art you made yourself, or pictures of your family and pets. As you start your collection think about how you want to display your art and how much you want to showcase. You can always get design inspiration from Pinterest.

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Create a theme

After creating your collection you will want to create a theme based on your collection. You can group family and pet images together, arts and prints, and typography in another. You can also create your own theme by mixing things up. As long as it reflects your personality and makes a unique statement.

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Wall measurements

As you are envisioning your gallery wall, you want to make sure you have the measurements for your wall. This will ensure your wall does not look congested or too spaced out.

Pick your colors

When it comes to design, your colors have to go together. Determine whether you want your family photos in black and white or in color, the color of your typography if you have typography. Make sure the colors you choose go together with the artwork you select.

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Pick your frames

After determining your color code, pick out your frames. Do you want to have a metallic feel, a golden approach, wooden frames, white or black frames? The options are limitless. Do you want a color that matches your walls or one that contrasts? Do you want an asymmetrical or symmetrical feel for your frames? You can always pick out different sizes or the same sizes.

Decide on the layout

If you want to create a gallery wall, the layout is very important.

Do you want an asymmetrical or symmetrical feel? How do you want to mix up your artwork? Do you want just photos on your gallery or do you want to mix it up with other types of artwork? How wide or tall do you want your gallery to be? You can build a layout based on your preference.

Be Creative

Be as creative as you possibly can. You can hang pieces of artwork to make your gallery unique. Hang unusual things on your wall to make it look authentic. Think outside the box. You’ll be amazed at the outcome you get from your creativity.

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