Common curtain mistakes you’re making

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Curtains are an essential home decor accessory. However, there are common curtain mistakes. Curtains can make or break your home style, so how do you make them the perfect accessory to add the perfect finishing to your already well-decorated home? 

Here are some common curtain mistakes most people make and how to avoid them: 

Curtain Rod 

This is a very common mistake as most people don’t know where to place the curtain rod. Whether you are using a curtain rod or a curtain box you should always mount your rods in the right spot. You should always make sure that your curtain rods are a few inches higher than your window, this will make your ceilings look higher than they actually are because your eye will naturally land on the highest element in the room. Making your curtain rods a few inches wider than the window will automatically make your windows look bigger. The right placement of the rods gives the illusion of a larger space. 

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Short Curtains 

Do not get short curtains, always go with long curtains. Make sure you measure your windows before purchasing curtains. Short curtains are a dead giveaway you did not pay attention to detail and you did not measure your curtains. Go for long curtains as they look more elegant and are much more functional than short ones. 

Curtain Material 

Most people think buying curtains is just as easy as going to the store and picking the right measurements and taking them home with no research about the material. 

Before buying, you have to make sure you research on the material, make sure they’re washable and make sure they match with the rest of your home accessories and decor. 

If you have a dry cleaner or if you don’t mind taking your curtains to the dry cleaners every time they’re dirty you can invest in the dry clean only kind. 

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Invest in hardware 

Do not buy the cheap curtain rods they will make your entire home look dull as they have a tendency to sag in the middle. Invest in good looking rods and sturdy ones that match your home decor.


Do not hang your curtains when they have wrinkles. Invest in a handheld garment steamer to get rid of any wrinkles after buying the curtains or after washing them. It makes them look very crisp and elegant. 

Picking curtains 

Do not pick your curtains last, most people pick curtains last so as to match it with the rest of the decor in the home. When you are moving into a house or when you plan on redecorating a house always pick the curtains as you are picking out the rest of the home decor. You might pick curtains last and they will not match with the rest of your decor. 

Curtains without body 

This is also another common mistake. You measure your windows perfectly and buy the same exact size as your window. When buying curtains always have leeway for your curtains to have gathers and waves to give them body.

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