How to decorate a coffee table – 15 Tips

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Coffee tables are the centerpiece of the living room. So how do you decorate a coffee table to ensure you have the right accessories and style that complement your style? Decorating a coffee table can be tedious especially when it comes to ensuring you have balance and it matches your style. Your coffee table should reflect your personality as well. So how do you decorate a coffee table to have the perfect vignette?

Here are tips and tricks on how to decorate a coffee table;

Maintain balance

Always make sure you maintain balance on your coffee table. Avoid cluttering your table with junk. When decorating your table, maintain symmetry. Display your decor in groups of three to maintain balance. Display a variety of decor items like books, flowers, and a large statement piece.

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Use a tray

Trays can make your coffee table decor look more cohesive. You can group your decor items in your tray to create a vignette. It can act as an anchor for your coffee table decoration. Invest in an elegant tray to make it part of the decor as well. The right tray helps you bring symmetry to your coffee table.

Flowers & Plants

Add life to your coffee table by adding flowers or greenery. Flowers and plants will add life, color, and texture to your vignette. The best thing about using natural elements is you can add height to your vignette while still maintaining your elegance. You can choose a small vase and fill it with hydrangeas or a tall vase and fill it with baby’s-breath.

Combine Shapes and Textures

Add visual interest to your coffee table by adding a variety of shapes and textures. Include different shapes like circular objects, squares, and other oddly shaped items. Having different textures like glass, wood, and metal on your table also create a visual appeal. Flowers and plants are also a good way of increasing visual interest.

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Use Books

Books are the ultimate classic coffee table decor. They are great because they bring a certain touch of elegance to a table. Books help add some height to your short statement pieces. Books are amazing because you can add your personality by adding your favorite reads or you can color-code your book decor to match your home decor.

Blend your space

Before going on a shopping spree to buy your coffee table decor, make sure you’re buying pieces that will blend with your existing decor. Ensure your coffee decor pulls from your existing living room decor. You can match colors and textures in your living room with your coffee table decor.

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Highs & Lows

To have a perfect vignette, have decor items with different heights. When all items are the same height some statement pieces might not get noticed. Having highs and lows also prevents your coffee table from looking monotonous. You can achieve height by having flowers, plants, or even feathers.

Consider all angles

Consider how your coffee table style looks from all angles and vantage points. When decorating your coffee table pick items that look good from all angles. If you have a picture frame you might want to use it on your shelf as the back of the frame is not visually appealing. All angles of your coffee table should look great. This is why it’s essential not to clutter your coffee table.


If you have an oversized table, you might want to section your table in grids. This way your table will look more organized. The grids will help you create vignettes for each section. Decorating the grids will also be much easier as compared to decorating without.

Seasonal changes

If you’re anything like me, one coffee table style will get boring over time. You can make changes to your coffee table style depending on the season and the occasion. Have a Christmas season set up and any other season you may wish. You can even have color coded-coffee table decor where you change every 3 months.


When you’re entertaining guests your coffee table is the center of attention as it’s where your guests will mostly hang out. Make sure you have a conversational piece. If you have a two-tiered table you can have games on the lower tier to add a playful option to your vignette.

Two-tiered table

If you want to have multiple accessories on your table but you don’t want to clutter your table, you should invest in a two tiered table. It may be a bit comlicated to match the decor on both tiers. The coffee table still requires balance. The style needs to blend in but also has to be different on both tiers.

Statement Piece

If you’re into minimalism, you don’t need to fill up your coffee table with a lot of accessories. Invest in a statement piece that will reflect your personality. Something that will stand out enough on its own.

Display your art

A perfect way of decorating your coffee table is by displaying your art. It may be a collectible you got in a foreign country or even a sculpture. You can also display art that you’ve made with your hands.

Add a touch of your personality

Don’t forget to add a special touch of your personality. From a family heirloom to photos of you and your family.

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