9 Ways to make your vagina smell good

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Naturally, the vagina has its own smell however this is dependent on a number of factors. Your vagina has to have a balanced PH and good bacteria for it to smell good. While you shouldn’t expect your vagina to smell like your favorite designer perfume, here are some tips and ways you can make your vagina smell good


Always ensure you drink enough water depending on your metabolism. Staying hydrated helps in flushing out toxins from our body. Whenever you’re dehydrated your urine becomes more acidic which may cause an imbalance in the vaginal PH making it have a foul smell and even taste sour. So one of the ways to make your vagina smell good is to always ensure you stay hydrated.

Personal Hygiene

Practicing good personal hygiene is one of the other ways to make your vagina smell good. proper vaginal hygiene is very important to keeping your vagina infection-free due to its high sensitivity.

When practicing vaginal hygiene it’s important to know that introduction of any foreign substances may affect the vaginal PH which plays a huge role to how your vagina will smell.

Here are some vaginal personal hygiene tips:

  • Always wash your vagina with warm water daily
  • Wipe from front to back to reduce the risk of any foreign substances getting into your vagina and infections.
  • Always dry your vaginal area completely to avoid humidity
  • Change your tampon, panty liner, or pad at least 5 times a day.

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Cotton Panties

One of the ways to make your vagina smell good is wearing cotton panties. Cotton is a breathable material and helps in absorbing any sweat and fluids from your body. Materials such as satin or silk and other non-breathable materials may lead to vaginal infections. They also trap moisture, droplets of urine, and sweat which may cause your vagina to have an odor. They may also upset the natural vaginal PH which may also cause it to be smelly.

Maintain a healthy diet

Eat a balanced diet to have not just a healthy body but a healthy vagina as well. According to some researchers fruits rich in vitamin C such as oranges, lemons help in flushing out toxins from our bodies. They are also known to sweeten the vaginal discharge making your vagina smell good.

Junk food is also known to cause an imbalance in the vaginal PH and in some instances too much sugar can cause infections. One of the ways to make your vagina smell good is to control your sugar and eat more leafy greens, vegetables, and fruits in your diet.

Wash up after sex

There are several sexual activities that may lead to a foul smell. You should always wash up after sex, preferably a shower because semen, lube, sex toys, and condoms may alter your vaginal pH balance and may eventually cause a bad odor.

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Vaginal Cleanliness

Your vagina does self-cleaning, so it’s not necessary to wash with special soaps as this will disrupt your pH. Wash your vagina with warm water and a clean cloth to ensure you always have a good smelling vagina.

Also, ensure that you maintain short hair or no hair around your vaginal section because hair can trap moisture which can lead to excessive sweating and a possibility of infections. Also, avoid vaginal douching as this may lead to an imbalance in your pH levels and cause infections.

Essential Oils and herbs

Some essential oils have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties like tea tree and lemon oil which is one of the ways to make your vagina smell good. Do not apply the essential oils in your vagina but you should apply them around your vagina. This will help ensure that your pH remains balanced while the essential oils may kill any harmful bacteria around your vagina.

Herbs are also known to help in eliminating powerful smells from the body i.e. mint and rosemary. You can include these herbs in your water and even food as this will help in maintaining a healthy vaginal odor.


Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are super helpful when it comes to your gut health and digestion. They also help in maintaining your vaginal pH. Probiotic-rich foods include yogurt, sauerkraut, pickles, and traditional buttermilk among others.

Sexual Partner

If you’re sexually active you want to make sure you’ve both tested negative for STDs. STDs may come with smelly discharge and vaginal odor. So one of the ways to make your vagina smell good is to get tested for any STDs.

When it comes to the vagina, maintaining the pH is the ultimate way to avoid any vaginal odors.

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