Netflix Movies & Shows To Get You In The Mood

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Shows to get you in the mood

If you want to Netflix & chill and you’re looking for the right movies to ‘Netflix & chill’ look no more. Here are a couple of steamy movies and shows to get you in the mood. If you’re looking to spice up your date night in the house or just to get things heated up between you and your partner.

Here’s a lit of Netflix movies and shows to get you in the mood:

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She’s gotta have it


Nola Darling struggles to stay true to herself and her dreams while juggling three lovers in this Spike Lee series based on his breakout film.


When three working-class teens enroll in an exclusive private school in Spain, the clash between them and the wealthy students leads to murder.

Sex Education

Insecure Otis has all the answers when it comes to sex advice, thanks to his therapist mom. So rebel Maeve proposes a school sex-therapy clinic.

Dark Desire

Married Alma spends a fateful weekend away from home that ignites passion, ends in tragedy, and leads her to question the truth about those close to her.

365 dni

A woman falls victim to a dominant mafia boss, who imprisons her and gives her one year to fall in love with him.


A woman’s daring sexual past collides with her married-with-kids present when the bad-boy ex she can’t stop fantasizing about crashes back into her life.


The eight close-knit siblings of the Bridgerton family look for love and happiness in London high society. Inspired by Julia Quinn’s bestselling novels.

Fifty Shades of Grey

A wealthy, older man and a naïve college student engage in an intense relationship marked by the exploration of erotic extremes.


Martin and Gabi try to form a relationship after meeting through a hookup app, but when boredom creeps in, they seek out an unconventional solution.


This epic tale adapted from Diana Gabaldon’s popular series of fantasy-romance novels focuses on the drama of two time-crossed lovers.

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