Ways you can schedule sex and still enjoy it

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How can you schedule sex and still enjoy it? When in a long-term relationship losing touch of when you last had sex is more common than you think. It can be difficult to have a sex life if you and your partner have busy and hectic schedules. It’s easy to get lost in life’s hustle and bustle. If you constantly promise each other about getting intimate in your relationship this is for you. Scheduling sex can save your sex life and in some instances your relationship.

If you schedule sex right it can be so enjoyable as opposed to it being something else on your to-do list. Here are some ways you can schedule sex and still enjoy it;

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Talk about it 

Scheduling sex is two-way. You can schedule sex on your own and decide to keep it from your partner but it might not work out. You’ll also probably bail on the schedule. Involving your partner increases accountability and you can work out the sex schedule based on your plans. Talk about why you want to schedule sex, is it to revive your sex life, to have more sex, or to try out new things in the bedroom? Have a reason for scheduling sex for it to actually work. Don’t just do it for the sake of doing it.

Put it in your calendar

Figure out which day and time work for both of you. Pick a time when you’re both energetic. When scheduling sex, make sure you actually put it in your calendar. This way you are held accountable. You can even plan on having it in a hotel. Just spice things up and give yourselves incentives for actually putting it on your calendar.

Stick to the schedule

When it comes to scheduling sex one of the most common issues is not following the schedule. Make sure you’re both aligned on the goal behind the scheduling. This way you’ll both be committed to the schedule. You should also determine what happens when you can’t stick to the schedule. This will help take the pressure off and prevent it from feeling like a task. Have something fun to do if you can’t stick to your schedule like a make-out session. This will increase flexibility and make it more fun.

Manage your expectations

Drop all your expectations. Don’t anticipate your sex date expecting to have the best sex of your life. Your partner might have something urgent coming up and this might affect your whole mood. Focus more on spending time together this way the sex comes naturally.


Since you have a date and probably a time you can now prep for the sex date as best as you can. You can buy some lingerie specifically for that occasion. You can set the mood in the bedroom by lighting some candles or playing with the lighting. Make sure you make this date worthwhile, you can wear some make-up. This way your partner will feel like you actually made an effort. The prep should be half the fun, plus the look on your partner’s face will be worth your while.

Even before the sex date, set the mood by sending sexts to your partner. Prepare both you and your partner psychologically. The buildup and anticipation that comes with setting the mood can make it so much more fun. Talk to your partner about what you’re looking forward to.

Turn It Into a Game

Scheduled sex does not have to be boring. You can spice it up by playing games. There are multiple sex games you can get on the internet. You can play strip poker or buy sex dice off of the internet. You can role-play while having themed sex dates. This is bound to spice things up.

Try Different Activities

If you want to make scheduled sex more fun, you might want to mix things up. Have themed sex dates, try stuff from the Kama sutra book. Spice things up so that you have something to look forward to on your scheduled sex date. Take turns in trying out what you both want to experiment on.

Schedule Other Relationship Activities

If you want to get more comfortable scheduling sex you should also schedule not her relationship activities. It’s very natural of us to schedule date night so why not schedule sex as well. When you make plans for things other than sex it shows you actually want to make time for your partner. It also helps in removing the transactional aspect of scheduling sex. It makes it more natural and exciting.

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