There are multiple benefits to why you should track your period. Tracking your periods has multiple benefits, whether you’re trying to conceive or your general health. Tracking your menses helps keep track of those mood swings, cravings, and can also save you from accidental stains. With the current technology, you can now track everything that happens during your period.

Here are reasons why you should track your period:

Understand your cycle

One of the reasons why you should track your periods is to understand your cycle. While the textbook average menstrual cycle is 28 days, this varies from woman to woman. Tracking your cycle helps you understand how long your cycle takes or if you have irregular periods. Irregular periods are more common than you think. Being aware of your cycle makes you feel more in control.

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Whether or not you’re trying to get pregnant knowing and understanding your menstrual cycle is important. One of the reasons why you should track your period is to know your fertility window. There’s a common misconception about getting pregnant only when you’re ovulating. However, you can get pregnant at any point in time with the exception of a few safe days, the chances are just higher during your fertility window.

When you’re trying to get pregnant tracking your period will allow you to know your fertility window and increase your chances of getting pregnant. When you’re not trying to get pregnant you’ll know when to use extra protection.

Sex Drive

Tracking your menses allows you to also notice certain factors about your sex drive. You start to realize that when you’re in your fertile window and when you’re ovulating your sex drive spikes. Your sexual desire may also increase when you’re on your period. This is another reason why you should track your period.

Health Awareness

This is among one of the most important reasons why you should track your period. You can detect unexpected patterns while tracking your cycle. You’ll start to notice when your cycle is irregular and when you miss your period.

If your health is not right your menses might get disrupted. Just the same way when you’re stressed it may disrupt your cycle. The color of your blood, consistency, and flow of your menses may also show an underlying health condition.

Understand and manage your mood

Understanding your menstrual cycle means understanding your hormonal changes, your moods, and your PMS. Hormonal changes may be accompanied by irritability and even sometimes anxiety. Control is one of the reasons why you should track your period.

When you track your period, you’re in control of your body. You know when to expect your mood swings or your PMS. There are multiple apps that can help you track your mood swings and feelings during this period.

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