Signs You’re Dating a Liar

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We all tell little lies here and there but when it comes to dishonesty and relationships there are certain telltale signs you’re dating a liar. Being in a relationship with a liar can be heartbreaking and nerve-wracking. They can make you question everything you believe in and even start to doubt yourself. There are two types of liars; compulsive liars and pathological liars. There’s a difference between the two types however a liar is still a liar either way and liars are toxic.

Here are telltale signs you’re dating a liar;


This is one of the most obvious signs you’re dating a liar. They’re always contradicting themselves. You don’t forget the truth, you just forget the lies. If your partner is telling you the truth, they will never contradict themselves because their stories will never change. A liar on the other hand will forget how and when they lied to you. At first, they might remember the lies but it can only go so far. They tend to forget the lies they told in the first place. You may also start to feel as if their stories are false and not adding up.

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A liar will be automatically defensive. If you ask your partner a series of questions about something and they start to act defensively or dismiss you, this is one of the signs you’re dating a liar. Asking your partner a series of questions might lead to you uncovering the truth hence acting defensively is the only way to throw you off. In extreme cases, they might even get aggressive just so you can drop the subject.

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Gut Feeling

It can be hard to distinguish between insecurity and gut feeling. Sometimes you can get a feeling because you’re insecure but it’s not your gut. However, if that feeling is consistent and it tells you that something isn’t adding up constantly, then it’s time to listen to your gut. Women know they’re being lied to long before they admit it or get evidence but they don’t act on it. If your gut keeps giving you a consistent feeling about something or someone, listen to it.


A relationship should be open and honest. If your partner is very secretive and conceals information from you, it could be a sign that they’re lying. A healthy relationship is one where you’re openly honest with each other. Your partner should want to share different aspects of their life with you. For some reason, if your partner starts being secretive, it’s a sign they’re keeping something from you.

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Covering Their Tracks

If you get the feeling or actually get your partner covering their tracks, this could be one of the signs you’re dating a liar. When you have a partner who is constantly changing their phone password, deleting their browser history, has 2 phones but one of them is never on. These are signs they’re covering their tracks.

There’s Too Much or Too Little Information

Whenever you ask your partner a question be on the lookout for the answer they give. If they give too little information or too much information, they’re hiding something from you. Someone who is lying will feel the need to overcompensate in their story to make it believable. They can give you little information as well to help them remember the lie.

Body Language

This is one of the physical ways you can tell if someone is lying to you. According to studies when people are lying their body language will be different. They could start sweating, twiddling their fingers, tapping their feet. There’s a way their body language will change depending on the person. If you notice a certain change in body language when you’re speaking about a certain topic, then dig deeper.

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