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Men often don’t get as enough compliments as women do. However, there are certain types of compliments men love to hear. Compliments are important in relationships and this goes both ways. We all need some type of reassurance from those we love and men are no less. Men however don’t get as enough compliments as they should. Compliments have a way of making one feel special. A well-timed and thought-out compliment can motivate you to do better. Regular compliments in relationships are known to bring a couple closer. They bring a sense of security to the relationship and you also feel seen and appreciated which strengthens your relationship.

When giving compliments, make sure you’re telling them the truth and don’t do it with an ulterior motive in mind. You should’t also expect a compliment in return. Just give him a sincere compliment without expecting anything.

Here are the types of compliments men love to hear;

Effort Compliments

One of the compliments men love to hear is with regards to effort. Show your man how much you appreciate his effort. It could be in the relationship, things around the house, or ways in which he shows effort. This will make him feel appreciated and will even be motivated to put in much more effort in the relationship. Recognize even the simple things he does. This makes him feel like he’s appreciated. Here are some compliments you can use to appreciate his effort;

  • Thank you for taking the trash out on time
  • I love how you play and relate with the kids
  • You did a great job
  • I love that you’re patient with me
  • You always know what to say to me
  • Thank you for listening to me

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Appearance Compliments

It may seem vain to compliment someone on their looks but we all want to be told we look good every other time. Complimenting a man on his appearance gives him some sort of reassurance that you’re still attracted to him. Don’t feel like you’re being too shallow when you compliment him on his looks and appearance every now and then. Everyone has certain insecurities with regards to their appearance. Complimenting him on his appearance can make him feel good about himself.

Here are some compliments you can use to appreciate his appearance

  • You have a great sense of style
  • You’re so handsome
  • How do you always smell so great
  • I love your smile
  • I love how you laugh

Encouragement & Inspirational Compliments

It’s a great deal to know you have a supportive partner who believes in you. Giving your man encouraging and inspirational compliments is amazing because it makes him feel supported. In the days he feels down you can give him an inspirational compliment to keep him going.

Here are some compliments men love to hear;

  • I believe in you
  • I love how much you’ve grown
  • You’re so motivated,
  • You inspire me to do better

Emotional Compliments

These are the types of compliments you can tell to make a man feel loved. Let him know how he makes you feel emotionally. This will make him aware of the way he makes you feel and might naturally start making an effort to make you feel better.

  • I feel safe around you
  • You feel like home
  • I trust you
  • You make me feel beautiful
  • You know how to make me smile
  • You’re a great listener
  • I love how you always make me laugh
  • Thank you for everything you do for me

Sexy Compliments

Everyone loves sexy compliments. You can compliment your mans performance in bed if you actually liked it. Tell him what he does that you enjoy. You can also tell him how sexy he looks when he does certain things. This will give him a major confidence boost. Personalize the compliment as much as you can. Tell him how you can’t stop thinking about the last time you were together.

Personality Compliments

These are the types of compliments that are most forgotten. Most people never think to compliment guys on their personality. However it’s a confidence booster. It’s a way of telling him the many things you love about him. Here are some of the ways you can compliment him on his personality;

  • You’re so funny and you make me laugh
  • You have a kind heart
  • You’re a great guy
  • Life with you is too interesting
  • You’re smart

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