Movies to watch after a breakup

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Movies to watch after a breakup

Who hasn’t been here? Break ups suck. No matter your break up situation your feelings are valid and need to be expressed. All the messy emotions that come with a break up can be emotionally draining not to mention excruciating. Different stages of a break up will require different emotions. Sometimes you’ll want to curl up in bed and cry, sometimes you’ll have the “Screw them I am better than this” attitude and sometimes you’ll just need your squad with you.

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At times you may feel as if there’s nothing you can do about your situation but movies are therapeutic and here’s a list of movies you can watch to help you feel better. So grab your wine and some ice cream and let’s get started

Someone Great 

Someone Great is about a journalist who gets dumped after 9 years of being in a relationship. She’s set to go to San Fransisco after she gets her dream job. So her 2 best friends join her for one last adventure before she leaves New York.

This movie is so freaking good and sooo relatable. It shows us that it’s okay to sometimes grow apart and break up. It’s okay to cry when you hear a song that reminds you of your ex and more importantly your squad will always be there for you.

How to be Single

This movie is about a young woman who decides she needs a break from her long term boyfriend. She moves to New York and meets a fun loving co worker who teaches her how to have fun and enjoy being single in New York.

This movie is perfect for people who are constantly obsessed with the one. It teaches one how to love and be comfortable with yourself first before diving into relationships.

The Break up

Brooke feels underappreciated by her boyfriend because he doesn’t meet her halfway making her feel unappreciated so she breaks up with her boyfriend

This movie shows us the ugly side of relationships and shows us its okay to break up if it’s just not working anymore.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

After breaking up with his long term girlfriend he decides to take a trip to Hawaii to clear his head only to find his ex girlfriend there with her new lover.

500 Days of Summer

500 days of summer is about a guy named Tom reliving his relationship with Summer, the love of his life. He thought they would spend the rest of their lives together but she did not believe in relationships.

The Holiday

Two women swap homes for the holiday season after the men in their lives disappoint them. However, they both fall in love with men from the city they relocated to.

This movie is therapeutic and it gives one hope in finding your true love even after a bad break up.

John Tucker Must Die

This is the perfect revenge movie to watch after a break up. After several teens realize they’re dating the same guy they plot the perfect revenge against him.

This movie will make you feel better because all douche bags deserve to get a taste of their own medicine.

He’s just not that into you

He’s just not that into you is about the complexities of being in a long term relationships, being single and being married. It’s about 9 people who try and figure out relationships.

This movie is great because it deals with different issues in relationships and issues affecting single people as well.

Eat Pray Love

This movie is about the journey of a woman who gets divorced and decides to travel the world so as to rediscover who she is.

Legally Blonde

Elle Woods transforms from the typical blonde to a motivated Havard Law student after being dumped by her boyfriend for not being smart.

Dirty Dancing

Well Dirty Dancing is on this list because we have all watched it a couple of times if not a million times.

Friends with Benefits

This is about 2 people who had shitty relationships so once Dylan relocates to New York they decide to become Friends with benefits but it later gets complicated.

The first wives Club

It’s a perfect classic movie where 3 friends get divorced at almost the same time and decide to plot the perfect revenge strategy.

Celeste and Jesse Forever 

This movie is for those wondering if it’s okay to be friends with your partner after you break up. It showcases Celeste and Jesse’s journey and how complicated it can get when you’re friends with your ex.

Bridget Jones Diary

Girls Trip

A walk to remember

A walk to remember is about a young boy who falls in love with the reverends daughter. This movie will literally break your heart so when you watch it have a box of tissues close.

Marriage Story

This movie takes us through the journey of a divorced couple and the struggles that come with a strained marriage. It showcases the reality and the struggle divorced couples go through.

The Notebook

Well this is one of the greatest romantic movies ever made. It’s about a country boy falling in love with a rich city girl whose parents don’t approve of the relationship.

This is a perfect movie because, Nicholas Sparks. If you know you know.

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