Creative & Unique First Date Ideas

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If you’re tired of the first date cliches like dinner, a movie, going to the bar we totally get it. We all want unique first date ideas. Nairobi is teeming with great ideas and things to do. Look for a more creative way of impressing your date other than a coffee date.

Here’s a list of creative, unconventional, and unique first date ideas that are super fun.

Take a class

If you’re going on a date, one of the things we’re all hoping for is good food. You can decide to take a class on cooking or mixology. This way there’s no awkward silence or yawning and you can always flirt a little. If you’re not into cooking, you can always try other classes like pottery. The Nairobi Arts Centre offers pottery classes. You can check them out and book a class if you’re into that sort of thing. This way you can bond with your date about how great or horrible you both are at pottery.

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Go to a game

If classes are not in the cards for you, you can always go to a game. If your date is into the game you want to watch. With the current Covid restrictions, this might seem like a stretch but it’s still possible. You can go watch a rugby game at KRFU or alternatively go watch a football game or even the Olympics at your favorite spot. The energy is high and fun. This way you release the pressure that comes when going for a first date. In all games, there’s usually downtime or halftime. This way you can get to know each other. You might be surprised if you stay hours after the game talking and getting to know your date.


If your date is into volunteering and you are both passionate about a certain cause you can always volunteer. There are multiple ways to volunteer like cooking at an orphanage. This is one of the unique first date ideas you can use. You might be surprised at how much you bond over the experience.

Live Band

There’s nothing that beats good music. A live band has the ability to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. If you have been on a first date you know the awkward silence. This way you can avoid it altogether. There are just so many good vibes associated with live bands. In Nairobi, there are multiple restaurants that have live bands.


No matter where you are located, there’s always someplace you can go and watch an uninterrupted sunset. You can always have takeaway food and go watch the sunset on a nice picnic. If you’re in Nairobi you can go to Ngong hills or even KICC. They both have beautiful views and even after the sun sets you can stargaze.

Get Physical

This one is totally dependent on your date. If your date is not into physical activity, this might not be the one for you. There’s nothing quite like getting physical on a first date and not in the way you think. Try going to the gym on your first date, or playing a sport that you both like. There are so many physical activities that you can do on a first date like skating or even rock climbing. This will also ease the tension that is often associated with first dates.

Go to the park

This is a great idea. Everyone loves nature, so going to the park is a perfect idea. There are many options when it comes to going to the park, you can choose to go for a game drive or a walk. Whichever option, the experience will be amazing.


Visit the local museums and have some great conversation starters. This is another great way of releasing the tension that comes with a first date. Walking in the museum is also a great way of bonding over the experience. It’s also a fun way of getting to know a person.

Play Games

There’s so much fun to be had while playing games. The best part about playing games is restaurants have found a way of incorporating games as a part of their vibe. You can play board games, darts, poker and so much more. There’s also the option of bowling. When playing games you can get to know your date so much better as opposed to the regular coffee and dinner dates.

Which was your favorite idea and which first date idea are you going to try

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