Chic Bob Braids You Should Definitely Try 

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Chic Bob Braids You Should Definitely Try 

The bob has always been a timeless hairstyle. Bob braids are elegant edgy and chic. They are always in style and very versatile and anyone can pull off a bob hairstyle. Braids are a great protective hairstyle and can help grow your hair when properly cared for.

Here are chic bob braids you can try out for every occasion and personality;

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1. Asymmetrical Bob

There’s just something about asymmetrical bobs. They look sexy and chic. You can always accessorize your bob with hair accessories for a more boho look.

Chic Bob Braids

2. Pink Bob

If you’ve always wanted pink braids here is some inspiration for your next salon visit. Add a pop of color by getting these pink box braids.

Chic Bob Braids

3. Half Up Half Down

Bobs can also be styled half up, half down. You can style your bob and leave two braids to frame your face. It’s a cute and edgy hairstyle.


4. Bob with Neatly Frayed Ends

If you want something unique and edgy, this is the hairstyle for you. Take your chic bob braids to the next level by leaving out some neatly frayed ends.


5. Cleopatra Bob

The infamous Cleopatra bob is a great classic hairstyle. They are timeless and edgy.


5. Thin Braided Bob

If you love some thin braids, this one is for you.


6. Fringe Bob

If you love bangs and you still want to pull off a fringe with your chic bob box braids. Here is some inspiration you can draw from.


7. Goddess Bob Braids

Go boho with your bob braids by adding some goddess curls and hair accessories to go with it.


8. Cornrows

The box braids start as cornrows as the braids are tucked behind them. This is an elegant bob braids look. Give it a pop of color by using burgundy braids.


9. Simple

You can always go for simple and long classic bob box braids. It looks chic and can be versatilely styled for any occasion.

chic bob braids

10. Edgy Box Braids

If you’re looking for edgy and glamorous, this is the hairstyle for you. This box braid hairstyle with pulled strands is everything. Add some hair accessories at the bottom to give it more edge.

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