Common Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Dreadlocks & How To Fix Them

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Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Dreadlocks

Maintaining good-looking dreadlocks needs time and patience. Dreadlocks are sensitive and a lot of things can damage them if you’re not careful. There are several mistakes that will ruin your dreadlocks if they are not cared for properly. Here are the common mistakes that will ruin your dreadlocks and how to fix them.

Washing Too Frequently or Not Enough

If you wash your dreadlocks every day or every other day you’re washing them too much. This can cause mildew to form because your hair is not completely drying. This could cause your locs to start smelling. You also shouldn’t wait too long to wash your hair because of product and dirt buildup. If your hair accumulates buildup and lint it might be harder to remove if you take too long to wash. Your hair might also start smelling.

FIX: If you have just started the locking process you can wash every 3 to 4 weeks to make your hair lock faster. If you’ve had dreadlocks for a while you can wash every 2 weeks.

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Not Moisturizing Enough

Hair requires moisture no matter the type. Most people make the mistake of moisturizing their dreadlocks with oil and other creamy moisturizers. However your dreadlocks don’t need creamy moisturizers because they will accumulate lint and dirt. Your dreadlocks need moisturizing to avoid them getting brittle and dry.

FIX: Mist your hair with an essential oil of your choice and water using a spray bottle. Do this every other day to ensure your scalp and locs are well moisturized.

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Not Conditioning Regularly

Dreadlocks like natural hair, should be conditioned regularly. Deep conditioning improves the health of your hair and reduces any damage that you have. Deep conditioning also leaves your hair feeling moisturized and prevents breakage and thinning.

FIX: Deep condition your hair everytime you wash it to rehydrate your hair.

Tying them in Knots

Most people tie their dredloks in knots where it appears to be weak. This can cause your dreadlocks to be lumpy. You might also not be doing it right and this can cause stress on the roots of your dreadlocks.

FIX: If you have to knot your dreadlocks, go to a specialist who will give you the best solution to your thinning locs.

Using Wax on dreadlocks

Using wax to get your dreadlocks to form or to style can be a big mistake. Gel attracts dirt and lint that may not easily come off. Your hair might start caking and make it smell over a long period of time. The buildup that comes with wax is not easily removable.

FIX: If you have to use a gel use a really light gel to retwist your locs. Your dreadlocks will be much neater when you crochet them or interlock them as opposed to using wax.

Retwisting Dry Locs

You should never retwist dry locs. Twisting dry locs causes damage to them.

FIX: Use a spray bottle to spray water and essential oils to your locs. This will ensure you avoid breakage and damage as you retwist.

Over Maintenance

Yes, there is such a thing as giving your dreadlocks too much love. Over moisturizing your locs, washing them on a regular will cause your locs to be severely damaged.

FIX: Maintaining dreadlocks varies with the stage they are in. However, do not overwash, over-moisturize. Seek advice from your deadlock specialist based on the stage of your dreadlocks.

Avoid Tight Styling

Limit your hairstyles to low-maintenance hairstyles because tight hairstyles will make your dreadlocks start falling off. Tight styling will damage your dreadlocks and cause them to start thinning.

FIX: Avoid tight deadlock hairstyles from tight buns, braids, and any other hairstyles that involve straining your dreadlocks. Tight hairstyles will thin your dreadlocks.

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