Cornrow Hairstyles To Try Out: 20 Stunning Hairstyles

by Lynn
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Cornrow Hairstyles to try out

Cornrows are a great protective style because they require low maintenance. They are also perfect not only for natural hair but relaxed hair as well. Cornrows may not be as versatile when it comes to styling however there are multiple ways you can cornrow your hair. Most people assume cornrows are for more serious occasions and are considered an office hairstyle. When it comes to cornrows there are endless possibilities. You can rock cornrows for any occasion you want.

If you don’t like sitting in the salon for too long, you might want to try out cornrows. Box braids are great but spending a whole day or half a day to get them fixed can get tedious. So if you’re looking for a hairstyle to last you for the next three to four weeks here are stunning and amazing cornrow hairstyles to try out;

Half Up Half Down Stitch Braids

The timeless half up half down stitch braids are perfect.

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Pigtails with curls

Lemonade with a heart

Side Part Pigtail Braids

Fancy Rose Stitch Braid Updo

Feed-in Braids With Crochet

High Pigtails

If you’re bold

Simple Updo

You can always decide to go simple and have a simple updo.

Lemonade Jumbo stitch braids

High Bun Stitch Braids

Flat Twist Half up half down

Cornrow Bob

If you’re looking for a short look you can always try out the asymmetrical bob.

Simple Stitch Braids in A Low Bun

Fancy Pigtails

Beaded Cornrows