Crochet Braids: Everything You Need to Know

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Crochet braids have become a go-to hairstyle for people with natural hair. It’s an easy hairstyle that is also a protective style and a low manipulation hairstyle. The installation time is also shorter than regular braids and also less painful. They’re a growing trend because it’s so versatile, you can crochet braids, curly hair, and any type of hair you prefer. If you want to jump in on the crochet trend, here’s everything you need to know about crochet hair:

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What are Crochet Braids?

Crochet braiding is generally a way of adding hair extensions to your own hair. The hair extensions are attached and looped into cornrowed hair using a crochet hair latch hook and then secured using a knot. These braids can be used as a low manipulative hairstyle or as a way of adding length to your natural hair.

The Benefits of Crochet Braids

Versatility. Crochet braids are very versatile making them a great protective style. The hairstyle gives you the option of switching up your hair length, texture, and color while still protecting your hair. This makes them a very versatile hairstyle as you can switch your style whenever you want.

Installation time. Box braids can take anywhere from 4 hours to 8 hours of installation time. This makes them very tedious to install. While with crochet braids you can spend 45 minutes or an hour and a half depending on the type of crochet style you’re going for.

You can do it yourself. The best thing about crochet braids is that you can install the hair yourself. All you need is to cornrow your hair and install the crochet hair using a latch hook. If you can’t cornrow worry not, there are plenty of other hairstyles you can install without cornrows.

They’re affordable. Crochet hair is affordable compared to other protective hairstyles. The synthetic hair used to crochet is also cheap and depending on the type of hair you buy, it can be reusable. If you’re reusing the hair just make sure you care for the hair well.

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Types of Crochet Braids

There are so many types of crochet braids which is why it’s such a versatile hairstyle.

  • Straight hair: You can in install crochet braids with straight hair, kanekalon hair. This will give you a silk press look with the invisible hairline method
  • Box Braids and Twisted hair: This is crochet hair that has already been twisted or is already braided. These are great because they give the illusion of box braids and twists.
  • Curly hair: This is pre curled hair. If you want curly hair without installing a weave or a wig, this is your go to. It will give the illusion of curly hair.
  • Faux Locs: These are also a very popular type of crochet hair. They look like dreadlocks and are perfect if you don’t want to lock your hair permanently.

How to install crochet braids

To install crochet braids you need:

  • Crochet Tools: To install crochet braids you will need a crochet latch hook. This will enable you to loop the hair extensions. You can also use a bobby pin, if you don’t have a latch hook however, it’s more tedious.
  • Braid pattern: There are so many braid patterns when it comes to crochet hair. However, thay all have the same concept, smaller cornrows at the front and bigger ones at the back.
  • Individual hair pattern: If you are not so good at cornrows, you can install individual crochet hair. This is where you braid your hair into small minitwists or box braids and install the crochet hair in each individual twist or box braid. This hairstyle is mostly popular with box braids crochet hair, twisted hair and faux locs.
  • No cornrows crochet hair: This is also a rising trend when it comes to crochet hair. If you want a short term crochet hairstyle, this is the go to style for you. You can put your hair in 3 large box braids and use a hairnet to protect your hair before starting to crochet. It’s very versatile because you can style your hair to look as natural as possible.
  • Packs of hair needed: This is dependent on the type of hairstyle you’re installing and your volume preference. You can use anywhere from 3 to 10 packs of hair depending on the amount of hair you want and the look you’re going for.

How much do crochet braids cost?

The price of installing crochet braids depends on several factors:

  • Are you installing the crochet hair yourself?
  • How much volume do you want
  • What hairstyle are you going for?
  • Which salon are you going to have your crochet hair installed?

If you’re installing the hair yourself, all you would need to do is buy the packs of hair. However, if you’re planning on visiting the salon, it might cost extra. Depending on the type of salon, you might have to buy the packs of hair and then pay extra for the labor.

How to care for crochet braids

It is very essential to care for your natural hair when you have your crochet hair. You can care for your natural hair by always ensuring your scalp is clean and well moisturized. This will avoid excessive itching. Before braiding your hair for the crochet, ensure your hair is clean and well moisturized.

Maintain your braids by regularly using hair spray to ensure they maintain their natural shine. Invest in a quality hairspray that will reduce frizziness. Always sleep in a satin bonnet to reduce tangles and frizz.

Depending on how long you have your crochet braids for, you can wash them every two weeks. Be gentle with the crochet hair to avoid frizz. You can also use dry shampoo to avoid frizz altogether. Use minimal products on your crochet hair to prevent product buildup.

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