How to survive a long day in high heels

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Survive a long day in high heels

High heels elevate any outfit and are appropriate for most events. So how do you survive a long day in heels? There’s nothing as dreary as the feeling of your legs wobbling because you’ve been in heels for too long. There’s no point in wearing heels if at the end of the day or night you have to soak your feet to soothe them. So can you wear heels all day without feeling any pain?

Here are some tips and tricks on how to survive a long day in heels;

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1. Scruff Up The Soles

One of the main reasons why your shoe would be uncomfortable throughout the day is if your shoe does not have a grip. A slippery heel will leave you feeling exhausted and tired. This is because your leg will strain to gain balance as compared to wearing a shoe that has grip. There are various ways you can make your shoes less slippery. You can use sandpaper to rough off the soles a bit. However, if you have red bottoms or expensive shoes you can invest in a grip spray on to make your shoes less slippery. Alternatively, you can visit a cobbler to give you the best solution for your type of shoe.

2. Baby Powder

If you plan on wearing heels all day, you will sweat. Applying baby powder will minimize sweating and chafing. Sweaty feet and shoes do not go well. The shoe will start being slippery and will cause discomfort, making you uncomfortable throughout the day.

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3. Don’t Take Them Off

Despite the popular belief when you take your heels off they reduce the pressure off the balls of your feet. This is not usually the case with most people. Once you take off your shoes, your feet will swell immediately making it harder to put them back on. If you want to survive a long day in heels, focus on not putting the pressure on the ball of your foot. When you’re not standing find a way of elevating your feet so the pressure is not on the ball of your feet.

4. Buy your shoes wisely

When you’re buying heels, be sure to walk around with them in the store. Focus on how comfortable they are and the areas of discomfort. Buy shoes that you are comfortable in. We all have a habit of buying shoes because of how they look as opposed to how they feel. Let’s save these types of shoes for special occasions. If you’re planning on wearing your heels all-day focus on comfort.

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5. Be Prepared

Wearing heels all day might come with some minor accidents. Always have a couple of adhesive bandages or Elastoplast in case your shoe starts hurting you. You can also invest in gel insole pads in the event you get blisters throughout the day.

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