Bra hacks every woman should know

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Freedom means different things to different people, but for more than three-quarters of women in the world, freedom is finally taking off your bra after a long day. Most women have a love-hate relationship with bras. We don’t like them but we need them. There are several bra hacks every woman should have up their sleeves.

Finding the right bra is half the struggle, not to mention the pinchy falling straps, boobs spillage, and the horror of the uncomfortable poking underwire bras. Going braless has become quite trendy but if you’re not boarding the braless train here are a few bra hacks you need. 

  1. Sew in your old bras to dresses and tops 

If you find the silicone stick-on bras uncomfortable these ones are for you. Cut the bands and straps of your bra and sew it on the dress or tank top you want to wear it with. It’s much more comfortable and you still look gorgeous without your regular straps showing. 

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  1. Store your bras the right way

If you can hang your bras or store them in organizers in your drawer or hang them. Always make sure you store your bras with the cups open and not smushed. Most women insert one cup into another and store them in the drawer however this destroys the construction of the bra. 

  1. Hand wash your  bras 

If you want your bras to last longer, it’s advisable to hand wash them. Finding a good bra is already a struggle so taking care of it when you finally have it is key. 

  1. Use a Zipper Mesh bag 

If you do not have time to hand wash it’s essential to use a zipper mesh bag designed for bras. This will prevent it from getting tangled and losing its shape. 

  1. Bra Extenders 

Use bra extenders if the bra is too tight. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than a bra digging into your ribcage. 

  1. Use Bra clips or paper clips 

Don’t buy a racer-back, just use clips to hold your straps in place. Alternatively, you can use a paper clip when you’re wearing a tank top. 

  1. Straps that dig into your shoulders 

Use silicone pads or panty liners to deal with the discomfort of the straps that are digging into your shoulders 

  1. Poking underwire

Do you have a great bra but the underwire is poking you? Use Elastoplast or a pantyliner to fix those underwires 

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