Essential Shoes Every Woman Should Own

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There are certain essential shoes every woman should own. Shoes are an investment, they can make or break an outfit. You can never have too many shoes however if your budget does not allow for this then you might want to stop jumping on every shoe trend. Here are the staple types of shoes every woman should own.


Sneakers are a timeless trend because they can make any outfit look good and effortless. Classic sneakers are shoes every woman should own. You can invest in the classic white sneaker, this will elevate any outfit that you have and on top of that, they’re super comfortable.

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Black Pumps

Black pumps or heels are essential staple shoes every woman should own. No matter how old you are, you will always need the black polished pump. They offer a classic look to any outfit. If you want to invest in black pumps, invest in the classic shapes don’t get carried away by the latest trends. Remember you can never go wrong with a black pump. You can wear them with a casual outfit, at a job interview and even an evening out.

Slide Sandals

Slide sandals should be a part of your arsenal. You need shoes that allow you to slip on when it’s hot outside. They go perfectly with dresses, jeans, and shorts. Go for neutral colors like nude or brown so they can look more formal for certain occasions. You can also invest in black or white depending on your wardrobe.

Statement Heels

Every woman needs a pair of statement heels. At times you just want to stand out from the crowd and be a little extra. You can go for a show with extra details or a statement print. You can go for a shoe with extra sparkle or a metallic feel. With statement heels do with your taste. Invest in statement heels that will make you not only look but feel sexy too.

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are shoes every woman should own. They’re every woman’s go-to pair of shoes for every day. They’re comfortable, cute and they go with everything. If you don’t want to wear heels and you still want to look cute and chic ballet flats are your next choice

Knee-High Boots

Knee high boots are shoes every woman should have in her arsenal. In as much as we would love to wear our knee high boots all year round, we just have to wear them in the cold seasons. They can be paired with anything from a cute skirt to jeans. The good thing about knee high boots is that they’re forever depending on they quality of your boots.


Loafers have this rich school girl vibe. They are a wardrobe essential. They make an outfit look more elegant and sophisticated not to mention they’re comfortable.

Strappy Sandal Heels

Strappy sandal heels make any outfit look more sleek and elegant. They’re also a classic and timeless pair of shoes. You can wear them when it’s warm and hot and you can also wear them with anything from jeans to shorts to dresses. They’re also very versatile when it comes to events, you can wear strappy heels to weddings and work.

Ankle Booties

Ankle boots are a definite must-have in your arsenal. They’re great and you can wear them all year round unlike the knee-high boots. They have this chic edge to your overall look. Ankle boots are also very versatile. You can opt for an ankle boot with a heel or combat boots. Either or they both look great.

Neutral Heels

You need a pair of neutral heels that you can wear to any event. Neutral heels are heels that have a neutral nude color. You can wear neutral heels to any event from a wedding to work to dinner to a friends dinner. Neutral heels are very versatile.

Sporty Sneakers

Everyone needs sporty sneakers. These are shoes you will wear when you know you’re going to do a lot of physical activity. When you’re going hiking, walking your dog, going to the gym. You will need sporty sneakers in your shoe collection. There are a variety of cute sporty sneakers, so you don’t have to buy those dad sneakers.

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