Effective exercises for tightening the vagina

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Effective exercises for tightening the vagina

Like every other body muscle when you exercise the vagina regularly it becomes firmer and tighter. Most women forget to focus on the pelvic muscles when hitting the gym but vaginal muscles are no exception if you want it firmer, you have to exercise. 

There are many myths of loose vaginas after you get a couple of kids or as you grow older. The vagina is elastic and therefore it can’t lose its elasticity forever more often than not your vagina snaps back. Vaginal exercises are not just for sexual pleasure but for health purposes as well like preventing UTIs and other infections. 

Here’s a few effective exercises for tightening the vagina: 

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are the most famous vaginal exercises and for a very good reason. Kegels are straight up the best vaginal exercises because they strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and these muscles surround the vagina. So how do you do kegel exercises? This involves the technique of contracting and squeezing your vaginal walls in intervals of 6-10 seconds. Repeat this at least 5 times in a row. Try as much as you can not to tighten your legs or butt. To be effective you can do this exercise several times a day. 

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Chinese balls/ Ben Wa Balls/Kegel Balls  

Ben Wa balls are a pair of balls joined by a rope which have been used for centuries to strengthen the pelvic floor. They come in different sizes and weights based on your preference. When you insert the balls in your vagina you do pelvic exercises when you’re with them and you can even try pushing them out. 

The balls are also used for sexual pleasure however overuse can lead to tearing and to some extent pain and discomfort. 


Squats have been used over the years to tone the thighs and the butt but they are also very essential in helping to tighten and firm the vagina. Begin by standing with your feet slightly apart, your neck back and shoulders should be straight and go down and ensure your hips are above your knees. Hold this position for a couple of seconds and then come back to the original position. Do this several times and your butt, thighs and vagina will thank you. 

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Vertical scissors and leg raises 

Vertical scissors exercises and leg raises help to strengthen the pelvic floor. To do vertical scissors just lie down on your back and imitate the scissors movement with your legs slightly raised. You should feel the exercise in the pelvic area. 

For leg raises lie on your back and lift your leg up without bending your knee. Lower your left leg and lift your right leg then keep alternating. This is going to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Hip elevation/ Glute Bridges 

Hip elevation is great for tightening your core . To do the hip elevation exercise, lie down, raise your knees and separate them just a little. Slowly lift your hips, stressing your pelvic floor (Glutes) at the same time.Lift your back with your shoulders on the floor, your body should look like a bridge. 

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