Professional habits to develop in your 20’s

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There are certain professional habits to develop in your 20’s that will set the tone for your success. The earlier you start mastering these habits, the better. Developing professional habits at an early age is very essential and crucial when it comes to your success as a business owner or in the workplace.

Here are some professional habits to develop in your 20’s that will get you started on the right foot:

Comfort Zone

You should get comfortable with being uncomfortable. If you want to be successful you will have to step out of your comfort zone. This is one of the habits to develop in your 20’s. You have to master the art of taking risks in your life. Most successful people in the world become successful by taking risks. If you don’t step out of your comfort zone, you will never grow.

Being in your 20’s is the best time to take risks because you have so much room for mistakes and the energy to start over from scratch. Learn from your mistakes and start right over. You need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. This will go a long way in your future.

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Learn how to network from a young age. Networking is one of the very important habits to develop in your 20’s. You need to learn how to network with a long-term relationship in mind. As a young professional, you need to get yourself out there.

If there are work events or industry related events, make sure you go so you can put your name out there. The more you network the better you get at it. Do not limit your networking to physical events, you can get on professional groups in Facebook, Linkedin among others.

Networking won’t be enough in this day and age, you need to maintain your connections by keeping in touch with them. This could help you a great deal in the future.

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Make a habit of updating your resume regularly so as to make sure you’re always prepared. In the early stages of your career, you should prepare several different resumes for different job descriptions. There are several career paths you can take based on your academic field.

You need to always be prepared and you need to keep updating your resume to save on time when you’re applying for new job positions. This will make sure you’re always prepared for new opportunities.

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Dress Up

If you want to make a great first impression, you may want to start dressing up for the occasion. Dress up for work, even when you attend an informal work event. You can wear a dress but make sure it’s presentable. Don’t wear something you would wear while going out with your girlfriends. Depending on your area of work, you have a good idea of what’s presentable and what’s not.

Social Media

Clean up your social media account. In this day and era, people are vetted using social media. You shouldn’t make your social media accounts private and consider that cleaning up. Employers want to know who you are so work on your social footprint. Let them be able to see your personality without you revealing too much. You can start a Linkedin account with a professional perspective. This will enable you to list all your accomplishments and experiences.

Keep Time

This is one of the important habits to develop in your 20’s. If tardiness is your stronghold, you need to start making some lifestyle changes. Make an effort to always be on time or even early if possible. This will show you’re dedicated and focused.


Self-care may not seem like a professional habit to acquire but it is. Get a sleep ritual that will ensure you get quality sleep. This will ensure you’re always productive when you need to be. Make sure you get enough rest over the weekend. How you spend your Sunday will determine how effective your week will be. Depending on when your off days are, you need to rest well. You need to refuel so as to be productive.

Negotiating Skills

Negotiation skills are very important from a young age. You need these skills both in business and the workplace. You need to learn how to negotiate not only when it comes to salary negotiation but negotiating business deals or ith clients.

Listen with intent

Learn how to listen with intent. This is a skill you need to have if you’re to make any sort of advancement in your career. You will need to listen and take notes. By listening with intent you automatically become a fast learner. Great leaders are also great listeners. Being a fast learner and a great listener will make it easier for you to rise through the ranks.

Constructive Feedback

Learn how to accept constructive criticism with grace. Do not be one of those people who are corrected and take it personally. Always be willing to learn from other people, even those with a lower rank. This shows how mature you are. You also need to learn how to give constructive feedback.

Master Organization

Learn how to stay organized. Not just office and desk organization but task organization as well. Being organized will save you time and will increase your productivity levels. You can organize your tasks by how much time they’ll take and by how hard they are to do.

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