Habits of a very confident woman

by Lynn
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Ever seen a woman walking into a room and instantly noticed her? The energy changes when she walks in and portrays success and wreaks of confidence. We all want to be that woman but what does it take to be a confident woman? 

Embraces her imperfections

No one is perfect however we should all strive for self-improvement, a confident woman knows this. She embraces her imperfections, knows her flaws and weaknesses, and is not afraid to ask for help when she needs it. 

Questions the status quo

You will rarely find a confident woman going with the flow and without questioning the norm. They themselves are trendsetters, they know their needs and preferences. She’s not afraid of saying what does not work for her even if it works for everyone else. 

Values herself 

A confident woman knows her net worth and will not compromise it for anyone. She does not stay in spaces where she is undervalued and underappreciated. She knows her value and expects to be treated with respect. 

Keep to themselves 

When something is on their mind you best believe you’ll hear it. They don’t hold back their feelings. They tell it like it is. 

Miss Independent 

She can take care of herself without relying on anyone but is also not afraid of asking for help when she needs it. She does not seek approval from anyone especially a man. 

Great communication skills 

Another habit of confident women is they know how to communicate effectively. They are able to connect with others because they’re great listeners. 

Not afraid of saying no 

Not every request needs to be met with acceptance. Confident women are not afraid of saying no and they do not beat around the bush. They won’t hurt themselves to please others because they’re not people pleasers. 

Don’t look down on others 

Confident women do not see other people as competition, there’s more than enough for everyone. They know there’s no gain in looking down on people and lift others up with no expectation. 

“Be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown without telling the world it was crooked.” 

Know when to speak 

Confident women can hold their own, they don’t just talk for the sake of talking. They listen more than they speak and when they do they’re calm and collected and careful about their words. Blabbering and rambling show a lack of confidence. 

Lives fearlessly 

They’re not afraid of trying out new things because of the fear of failure, they live to their full potential. They are not afraid of dreaming too big and they do not have a limited mindset.


Confident women do not gossip, they have better things to talk about. They focus on their goals and aspirations. They have no time for gossip. 

Embraces Failure

She is not afraid of failure, she looks for opportunities that will help her grow and learn from their mistakes and failures. They don’t let failure hold them back, because failure is just a part of the journey to success. 

Don’t take things personally 

Everyone has an opinion about everything and everyone and confident women know your opinion is about you and no one else. They are not afraid of judgment from people and are not afraid of people talking about them.


A confident woman does not compromise on self-care, she takes care of herself first before she can take care of others. She takes care of herself mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

Confident body language 

Confidence begins on the inside but on some days your confidence has to first show on the outside. Body language is a very important aspect of confidence. You will never see a confident woman slouched in a crowd. She always holds her head high no matter what. 

No regrets

Confident women learn from the past and their mistakes, they don’t dwell on what could have been they move forward instead of regretting.

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