Virtual interview tips that will help you get hired

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Here’s a list of virtual interview tips that will help you get hired. Chances are if you’re looking for a job in this pandemic, chances are you will get interviewed remotely. Virtual interviews have advantages as you can avoid being late, you save on fare, you can get a job despite living in a different city. It also has its disadvantages like having no power at home, having filters on your video, internet acting up and you might also not get a good feel of the company you’re interviewing for.

Here are virtual interview tips to help you ace your next interview:

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Test Your Technology

Before anything else, you should test your technology and ensure that it works. You don’t want technical glitches in the middle of your interview. A virtual interview requires a laptop or desktop, a webcam, a working microphone, stable internet, and power. You might also want to ask your interviewer what software you’ll be using for the interview to ensure you have it installed in your machine i.e. Google Meet, Zoom or Skype.

Check your technology the day before your interview, an hour before your interview, and 5 minutes just to be sure. This is one of the important virtual interview tips. In this day and age tech-savviness is a skill and competency all employers are looking for despite the position you’re applying for and having working technology during the interview is a plus. Also, be prepared for anything, your power or internet might fail you. Have your phone on standby in case you lose power or your internet starts acting up.

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Set up your space

This is another thing you will have to do when preparing for a virtual interview. Ensure you have a clean background that puts you in the best light. You don’t need to rearrange the furniture in your room all you need is a background free of clutter. This will help you create a good impression. Depending on the software application that you use, you can use a backdrop of an office setting. If the software does not allow for a backdrop, choose a wall that is not so cluttered. This is one of the important virtual interview tips as it will determine if you are an organized person. Set up your space in a quiet room if you have kids to avoid distractions of any kind.

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Right position

When you’re setting up your space, you want to make sure you’re sitting in the right position. You don’t want to be too far or too close to the laptop. Ensure you’re well proportioned on the screen. Set up your location in the right lighting, make sure you don’t sit in front of a window to avoid appearing as a sillhouette. Make sure your face is visible throughout the interview.

Prepare in advance

As with any type of interview, you will need to prepare if you want to be successful. Just because you have great technology does not guarantee that you’ll get the job. Prepare for the interview as you would a physical interview. Do not think that just because you’re interviewing virtually that this will allow you to research during the interview. You may have some notes from your research during the interview however you should not read from the notes word for word.

You do not want to come off like you had memorized the answers, you want to make it look like you’re having a natural conversation. Research the company beforehand and based on the job description provided, research on those topics. This will give you an edge during the interview question. You should also print out your resume so you don’t forget key talking points. You want to give the impression that you’re focused.

Dress for Success

Just because it’s a virtual meeting does not mean you get to dress in an informal way. You still need to look your best to make a good impression. Make sure you dress professionally from head to toe, you don’t want to look professional from the waist up and you wear pajama bottoms. You never know if they’ll be visible. Your outfit should also look good on camera, it should not be too overpowering that it becomes the center of attention.

Professional body language

Professional body language is still very important in a virtual interview. You want to sit upright and ensure the camera focuses on your upper body, more specifically your face. Appear as poised as you would in a physical meeting. Make sure you’re looking into the camera during your conversation so you have the illusion that you’re making eye contact with the interviewers. This will show that you’re actively listening to the interviewers.

Be Yourself

During a virtual interview, it can be hard to express yourself as you would in a physical meeting, just be yourself regardless. There may be a sort of physical disconnect in a virtual meeting but be sure to show your enthusiasm in the way you speak and your body language. Ensure you have a great vibe throughout the interview, the interviewers can easily tell if you’re enthusiastic about the position.

Follow Up

After the interview, send a follow-up email thanking the interview panel for taking their time to shortlist and interview you. This gives you the opportunity to express yet another strength you can add to the role that was advertised. This will definitely have an impression on the interviewers. Even if you don’t get that position, they might consider you for another job position.

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