How to deal with loneliness when you’re single

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Being single can feel lonely at times. So how do you deal with loneliness when you’re single? Not having a partner to confide in can feel lonely and to some extent depressing. However, being single can be an amazing time. You can focus on yourself, get to know yourself better, and work on your relationship with your friends and family. Here are ways you can deal with loneliness when you’re single:

Positive Mindset

Adopt a positive mindset when you’re single, think about all the things you can accomplish. Being single allows you to put yourself first without thinking about anyone else. You’re allowed to be selfish without second-guessing your intentions and compromising. Put your personal and professional goals first. A positive mindset is a great way to deal with loneliness when you’re single. You’ll be surprised how much you grow when you have a positive mindset.

Assess your feelings

One of the ways of how to deal with loneliness when you’re single is to assess what you’re really feeling. You could be feeling sad because you’re just from a breakup. You could be overwhelmed because you’re not used to being single just yet. Just know that this feeling will not last forever. Try affirmations that will get rid of your negativity and replace them with positivity.

Take a Break From Social Media

If you’re newly single, you might want to take a break from Social Media. Social media has a way of increasing anxiety. When you get online, you will see all these happy people in relationships which can get you depressed. People on social media only show them at their highest and their best. You don’t need to see people showing off their fake and temporary lives. Take a break from social media for a while. Pick up a hobby. After some time you will want to set the screen time you spend on social media.

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Enjoy your freedom

Being in a relationship involves constantly compromising for each other. This can be exhausting and you might even lose yourself if you’re not careful. Enjoy the freedom of not putting your needs aside for someone else. Do everything you’ve always wanted to do but your ex would not go with it.. Choose you with every decision you make.


When you’re feeling lonely, it might be easier to shut everyone out. However, this will only make you feel more lonely. You can engage in community activities like joining your local rotary club and volunteering in community engagements. This is a great distraction from your thoughts and feelings. Plugging yourself back into the community can also open up your opportunities of meeting new people.

Pick Up a Hobby

With all the free time that you have now that you’re single, you will want to pick up a hobby. Hobbies will keep you busy and will help you deal with loneliness when you’re single. There are many hobbies that you can start. They can improve your creativity and open up your chances of making new friends.

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Cultivate Your Relationships

Now that you’re single, you will want to nurture your relationships with your friends and family. Hang out with your friends more often, call your family and find out how they’re doing. Socializing will help you deal with loneliness when you’re single. Hanging out with your single friends can be very beneficial.

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Get to Know Yourself Better

Being single allows you to get to know yourself on a deeper level. Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “If you enjoy your own company, you’ll never be alone.” The relationship you have with yourself is crucial for self-esteem and well-being. You can start to learn about yourself by journaling. Keeping a journal gives you insight into yourself, your emotions, likes, dislikes, and more. It is a healthy activity that is refreshing and helps your overall well-being. 


If you’re an introvert and participating in community activities is not really your thing. You can organize things to help keep you distracted. Reorganize your house and declutter. This will help keep you distracted and there’s just something about decluttering that makes you feel mental relief.

Learn to enjoy your own company

When you spend enough time alone, you get to know yourself on a deeper level. Cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself. Learn how to enjoy your own company because that’s who you’ll be spending the rest of your life with. Find out what makes you happy and what makes your inner soul shine and do that over and over again. This will make you forget about your loneliness.

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Start a gratitude journal

Journaling is very therapeutic and can help you deal with loneliness. Just writing how you’re feeling can be a great relief. Having a gratitude journal can help you embrace positivity. Things are always better when they’re written. Reading every night before going to bed can be great because this can act as an affirmation and you internalize your gratitude better.


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