How to Write a Resume With No Experience

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A resume speaks for you to employers. So how do you write a resume with no experience? If you’re just starting out and you have little to no experience it can be hard and challenging to write an impressionable resume. In this article, we show you how you can write a resume with no experience and still make a lasting impression. Resumes are vital because they showcase your skills to a potential employer and show them why you’re the best person for the job.

Here’s how you can write a resume with no experience;


Include a summary statement in your resume. The statement gives you the chance to talk about yourself from a professional angle. Use the summary section of your resume to build on all the skills that make you perfect for the position advertised. Most of the time the summary is used to state career goals. However, you can add more details to make it more impressive. Don’t just rewrite the skills that are already in your resume instead build on those skills.

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Resume Format & Structure

Your resume format and structure should be skill-based as opposed to experience-based. In your resume focus on a format that will highlight your skills, education, and certifications. When you have little to no experience it might be harder to craft a resume. However, if you play with the formatting and structure of the resume you can make a great resume.

Achievements & Projects

Make a list of all projects you did while you were on campus and decide which ones might be useful in the resume. If you’re applying for a social media manager position and in school, you helped manage several accounts while you were there, this would be essential. Match the projects you did in school to the position you’re applying for. Take stock of all your achievements as well and decide which ones should be included in your resume.

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When you’re an entry-level applicant, you don’t have much to go on. You have to make sure you pay attention to detail by avoiding any mistakes on your resume. Ensure it has no spelling mistakes, or grammatical errors to make it look professional. Don’t give the recruiters a chance to toss your resume to the don’t hire pile on account of a spelling mistake.


Skills are the one thing you have going for you if you have no work experience. Write down a list of all your skills and match them to the job you’re applying for. There are different types of skills make sure to make the distinction in your resume. Make a list of your soft skills, technical skills, and professional skills. These will showcase all your attributes to the recruiter.

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Extracurricular Activities or Volunteer Work

At one point in your campus life, you must have volunteered or joined a club. Include all the different types of clubs and extracurricular activities you’ve done. Including your extracurricular activities shows that you’re a well-rounded and balanced person. Including your volunteer work shows that you are involved in society.

Customize Your Resume

Always customize your resume to the job you’re applying for. This makes your resume target specific and gives you a better chance. Avoid using the same standard resume for each and every single job application. Check the job advertisement you’re applying for and tailor your skillset and resume to match it.

Cover Letter

Ad a cover letter when you’re sending your application even if one is not required. This can help you express why you’re the best candidate for the job. A cover letter might help you make an impression.

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