25 Amazing Packing hacks for your next trip

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The time has finally come to hit the road for your long-awaited vacay. While we cannot pack for you, we’ve compiled some packing hacks that will help you pack with ease and save you the trouble.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you in packing for your next trip:

Packing Checklist

This is one of the most important packing hacks. Most people think they know what to pack and know what they need to pack during their trip. However, you always need a packing list to make sure you do not forget anything.

Packing Cubes

Always use packing cubes to compartmentalize your luggage. Use the packing cubes to help organize your luggage, you can use either clothing type or color or whichever type of way you want to organize your clothes. Use different size packing cubes to store your luggage.

Photo of important documents

Take a photograph of your most important documents and store them in your email. This is one of the essential packing tips. The importance of having your important documents online is in the event you lose your luggage and phone. Take a photo of your passport, National Identification, your booking details, and any documents you deem necessary.

Travel Size Toiletries

Instead of carrying your regular size toiletries, you may want to size down so as to save on space. You can choose to buy travel-size toiletries or you can buy travel size approved silicone bottles.

Roll your clothes

To roll or to fold? One of the debatable packing hacks. Does rolling your clothes really prevent them from getting wrinkles? It may not prevent your clothes from getting wrinkles but it reduces the chances. Rolling your clothes also helps in saving space.

First Aid Kit

Always pack a basic first aid kit. This is one of the important packing hacks. You need to always be prepared, you don’t need emergencies at 3 AM looking for the nearest pharmacy to buy basic meds. Always try and pack painkillers, antiseptic, alcohol swabs, elastoplasts/band-aids, antibiotic cream, Imodium, and cough drops. This might save you a lot of headaches.

Pack outfits

When packing always make sure you have outfits in mind, this will help make sure you don’t pack clothes you don’t need. Always make sure you pack an extra outfit as well just to prepare for emergencies.

Laundry bag

Invest in a mesh laundry bag to separate your clean laundry from your dirty laundry. This is one of the important packing hacks. You need to separate your laundry to avoid them mixing up with dirty ones.

Pack Right

Pack your heavy items at the bottom of your suitcase so as to make pulling it much easier and faster.

Jewelry storage

Pack your jewelry in containers such as pill containers or mint containers. This is to prevent them from being tangled up all in your clothes. This is one of the very good packing hacks when it comes to storing jewelry.

Cables and chargers

Store your cables and chargers in a sunglasses case. This is to prevent them from tangling. This also helps keep all cables in one place.

Toilet bag

Get a toilet bag to store all your lotions, shampoos and any cosmetics you carry while traveling. This is to prevent them from getting on your clothes in the event they leak. This is one of the essential packing tips.

Plastic Wrap

Use plastic wrap to cover all your liquid cosmetics to avoid spillage in your toiletry bag.

Don’t overpack

This is easier said than done. At some point in our lives, we have been guilty of overpacking. Some of the packing tips when it comes to this is: If you’ve never worn it before, you probably won’t wear it now, You will not need 3 outfit changes in a day unless you’re going to the beach.

Leave some space

Always make sure you leave some space for souvenirs when traveling. This is one of the forgotten packing hacks. Most of us forget to leave any space for souvenirs and that’s how come all your stuff can’t fit in one suitcase.

Shoes Pouch

Invest in a shoe pouch to prevent your shoes from making your other luggage dirty. If you cannot get a shoe pouch grab some shower caps and put your shoes in them.


Consolidate your luggage. You can do this by packing your socks inside your shoes or alternatively packing your bikinis inside your hat. Consolidate your luggage to save on space.

Bubble wrap

Store your breakable luggage in bubble wrap. This will help in preventing breakage. So you won’t have to worry about your perfume spilling on your luggage.

Power bank

Always make sure you have a power bank on you to make sure your phone or tablet does not go off on you during those long airport trips. This is another one of the more overlooked packing tips.

Extra cables

Bring in extra cables with you when traveling because you never know. Your charger might get spoilt and based on where you’re going the electronic store might not have your type of cable or it might be expensive.

Do Laundry

If you can do laundry at your hotel or AirBnB or wherever you’re staying you should do your laundry.

Pack snacks

This is one of the great packing hacks especially if you’re traveling a long distance. Snacks always go a long way, snacks on the go may be expensive. This is one of the life-saving packing hacks.

Carry on bag

Always have a carry on bag with you to store your important documents, gadgets, snacks and anything else you might need on the get go.

Prepare for the unexpected

When traveling it’s always good to prepare for the unexpected. This is one of the overlooked packing hacks. You can always carry a small umbrella in the event it rains. Always have extra cash in case of an emergency.

Google Maps for offline browsing

Download google maps for offline browsing. This is a great way to save up on data especially if you’re traveling international. You can make a plan of all the places you want to go on your trip and mark them on the map. This is one of the amazing packing hacks that get to save you time.

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