20 Airport Hacks To Make Your travel easier

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Do you travel a lot or are you planning for your next vacation? Here are some airport hacks to make your travel much easier and manageable. Flying can sometimes be frustrating and overwhelming. From the multiple security checks, the long wait, how cold it gets and just navigating the airport. Here are some airport hacks that will help you on your next trip

Book using Incognito Mode

When booking flights or looking for flights always use incognito mode in your browser. Airline websites track your information using cookies and spike the prices.

Fly Direct if possible

If it’s an option and a possibility, you should fly direct. Avoid the layovers because they can be frustrating and exhausting. There’s also risks associated with connecting flights. You might lose your luggage, get stuck in a cold airport in a foreign country.

Red-Eye Flight

If you’re a morning person or you don’t mind waking up early you might want to book a red eye flight. This is the earliest flight out. They’re usually cheaper and the probability of them getting delayed or canceled is slim to none.

Find the best seat before booking

Depending on the airline and how long your flight is, you want to make sure you find a nice and comfortable seat before booking. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle seat on a 14-hour flight. You also don’t want to be stuck near the airplane lavatory.

Check-in for your flight in advance

Be sure to check in for your flight in advance to avoid waiting in line. This is one of the airport hacks that can save you a lot of time.

Bring your own snacks

Airports almost always have expensive and overpriced snacks. You can bring your own dry snacks to the airport. You’re allowed food items like chocolate, popcorn, crisps, and any other dry snacks. If you’re not sure of the snacks you’re carrying make sure you check your airlines website to see what is and isn’t allowed. This is one of the great airport hacks as it will save you money.

Reusable Empty Water Bottle

If you get dehydrated when flying, you might want to carry a reusable water bottle. You can’t carry bottled water at the airport but the rules say nothing about carrying reusable bottles. You can carry an empty bottle and refill it at the airport with a beverage of your choice.

Load entertainment on your phone or tablet

This is one of the great airport hacks. Always ensure your phone or tablet has your form of entertainment. You can always add books, movies, audiobooks, podcasts, and series on your phone or tablet to keep you entertained at the airport. Your flight might be delayed or you might get to the airport earlier than expected. You might also have an unexpected layover.

Power Bank

Invest in a powerbank that can charge your phone or tablet to full capacity. You don’t want to be hustling for a charging doc kat the airport. It might be far from your boarding gate and you might miss your flight. Having a powerbank is great as it guarantees that you will have entertainment on your entire flight.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Airports are generally cold unless you’re in a hot area. Make sure you dress warmly. Have a nice warm sweater or jumper you can easily remove and wear. You can also have a scarf or a poncho that’s easy to carry. This way you won’t be freezing at the airport.

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Plan Transport

You should always ensure you have identified your mode of transport to the airport. Research how much time it will take you to get to the airport in the event there’s a traffic snarl up. Use google maps to make sure you’re in touch with the traffic updates. Make sure you have taken into consideration anything that might affect your trip to the airport. If you’re driving to the airport make sure you have fuel to avoid stopping over at a petrol station before your flight.

Parking space

If you will be parking at the airport, it’s best to take a photo of your parking space and any parking space sign. This will help you in identifying where you parked your car. You might have an eidetic memory but you also don’t want to take chances. You might be away for a couple of days and that might make you forget.


You want to add something unique to your luggage that will make it easy for you to identify it. Wrap something to the handle or add a sticker to your suitcase that will make it easy for you. This is one of the overlooked airport hacks. You might actually find you have similar luggage and you don’t want to open your luggage at the airport. Take a photo of your luggage as well to help you track it in case it’s lost as well.

Pack your electronics together

A great packing tip when flying is to keep all your electronics together. You will be required to remove all your electronics at the airport. Separate them from the rest of your luggage to save time. You can put them all in a transparent bag. This will ensure everything is visible while protecting your stuff from kleptos. Make sure your stuff is easily accessible to avoid holding up the line for too long or staying in line for too long.

Prep Your Documents

When packing your documents, ensure you prepare your documents and pack them somewhere accessible. Pack your ID, boarding pass or ticket, debit and credit cards, and your passport in one bag. This will make sure you don’t leave home without your essential documents and you will avoid staying in line for long.

Weigh Your Bags

Airlines charge extra for bags that weigh past a certain limit. Weigh your bags at home to avoid this expense. You can use your weighing scale to give you an estimate. If your bags weigh past a certain limit you will be required to pay extra. If you are planning on carrying extra luggage it’s best to pay for this while you’re booking your flight. This way you actually save money as it’s more expensive to pay for it at the airport.

Sanitizers and Masks

With the pandemic happening you want to carry extra masks and sanitizers. Pack extra masks in your bag in the event you lose yours or it looses its straps. You will not be allowed in the airport without a masks and remember, things at the airport are expensive. Airports are generally unsanitary, so you’ll always want a bottle of hand sanitizers to keep cleant.

Airline Lounge

If you plan on working while at the airport or just want to feel comfortable, you might want to research the airport lounge. Most airlines have special VIP lounges that have more comfortable seats, faster WiFi, snacks, beverages, and in some cases alcoholic drinks. If you have a layover you might want to purchase a pass for the VIP lounge for a day. They’re also much safer, making them great for layovers.

Sit Close To The Gate

Sit close to the gate on your boarding pass to avoid the hassle. This way you will avoid missing your flight and you will actually be among the first to board avoiding the line queue.

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