Toilet tips for female travelers

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Toilet tips for female travelers

If you travel a lot as a woman you know one of the pain points is the toilets and washrooms. Here are some toilet tips for female travelers. As a woman, you’re more sensitive to infections while using public restrooms as opposed to men.

Here are some toilet tips for female travelers that will save you the struggle.

Pocket Tissues

When traveling make sure you have pocket tissues or extra napkins in your purse or handbag. Some toilets may not have toilet tissue and you don’t want to shake. Make a habit of carrying pocket tissues or a toilet paper roll every time you’re traveling. Depending on the restroom you’re visiting the toilet paper may not look as clean as it should. This is where your tissues will come in handy.

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Pack a scarf

If you’re going hiking or you’re traveling a long distance you will want to pack a scarf. You might be in a situation where you will need to use the bathroom and there’s nowhere to go. You can tie the scarf on bushes or have a friend hold it for you and use it as a way of attaining privacy to do your business.

Spare change

Some toilets may require payment before you can use them. You will want to always make sure you have spare change that you can use. Some toilets may also have attendants that may require a tip.

Sanitizer or wet wipes

Washrooms sometimes do not have water, so always having sanitizer or wet wipes comes in handy. You will want to clean your hands after using a washroom. You can also use wet wipes to wipe down a dirty toilet seat before laying your protective sheet on the toilet.

Secure belongings

When going to a public washroom, you want to make sure your belongings are secured. You don’t want your phone dropping in the washroom or your sunglasses. If you’re traveling alone, make sure you secure your belongings in a safe place. If you’re with friends or family you can go to the bathroom in turns.

Learn to ask for a toilet

If you’re traveling to a foreign country, you will want to learn how to ask for a toilet using the local language. You don’t want to be pressed and you can’t even request for a toilet.

Invest in a Shewee

If you’re traveling to a foreign country or for a very long distance and you don’t want to go to the bush you might want to buy a shewee. A shewee is a reusable funnel you use for urinating.

Wear closed shoes

When traveling you don’t want to be in open shoes or sandals. You want to wear closed shoes in the event the toilets are not sanitary and in case accidents happen.

Don’t sit on it

If it’s a public toilet, don’t sit on it. As women, we’re prone to getting infections from a public toilet. To avoid any infections of any kind bacterial or fungal. Don’t sit on the toilet. Work on your squatting muscles.

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