Why you need plants in your home

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8 Reasons Why you need plants in your home

Plants in the house have multiple benefits. They’re not just great for their visual appeal, they’re great for health as well. Plants freshen up the air by releasing oxygen and using up the carbon dioxide in the room. According to research by NASA household plants can clear toxins in the air. Household plants are also a way of bringing nature in the home. They can also clear the air better than any air freshener can. Plants can also contribute to a feeling of well being and can make you feel more optimistic.

Here are some reasons why you need plants in your home;

Purify the air

Plants help purify the air in your home. Your home can be full of contaminated air from paint, detergents, cigarettes and so much more. Houseplants have the ability to raise the air’s humidity which in turn reduces the chances of you getting respiratory issues and so much more. Opening your windows definitely helps with the fresh air but plants purify the air better. Plants that purify the air include the English Ivy, Spider Plant, Snake Plant, rubber tree, and aloe vera among others. Flowers that help purify the air include Chrysanthemums.

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Relieve stress and anxiety

There’s just something about nature that keeps us calm. Nature is known to relieve stress and anxiety. While having plants in your house may not feel like walking in nature, it certainly comes close. Plants help you relax because of the presence of fresh air in your home. Taking care of plants has also been known to make you feel relaxed and soothed. Taking care of plants has even been known to reduce anxiety and in some cases high blood pressure. Having plants with soothing scents like lavendar are also known to improve sleep and reduce anxiety.


Plants are a great way of bringing nature to your home. They have a way of bringing life to any room. Plants are an inexpensive way of sprucing up your home. There are so many ways you can style your home with plants. You can hang the plants on your walls, have succulents on your stools or window seals. Invest in pots that blend in with your home decor and plant your favorite flowers and plants in them. Owning real plants is inexpensive as compared to buying faux plants.

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Boost Productivity

Incorporating plants in your workspace is known to boost productivity and even creativity. Plants have the green effect, this effect is known to boost creativity. Looking at a plant while you work can boost your overall creativity. According to research, people perform better when they’re in a room with plants and are more attentive.

Improves Sleep

Plants give out oxygen at night and coonsume carbon dioxide. This helps you breathe better and have a soothing effect on your body. There are plants that are known to emit oxygen at night like Aloe Vera, snake plants, orchids and succulents. The oxygen they release at night improves the quality of your sleep.

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Fight Colds & Sore Throats

Plants have the ability of increasing humidity in the home. They also reduce toxins and elements such as dust in the air. This helps in redicing and fighting colds and sore throats. The plants help to clear respiratory conditions you may have. The reduced humidity also helps in reducing headaches and migraines in general.

Improve Overall Wellbeing

We may be human beings but we are animals as well. Animals are known to thrive in nature including humans. Plants and nature in general is known to have strong links with humans. This is why the waves of the ocean help you keep calm, walking in nature soothes you. Having plants in your house will help soothe you and will help improve your overall wellbeing.


Working with plants is known to be therapeutic. The art of watering the plants, taking care of the plants, potting and repotting them is known to be very therapeutic. It helps reduce anxiety, stress and in some instances is also known to help people with depression.

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