How to Style Your Bathroom

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One of the most overlooked rooms when it comes to home decor is the bathroom. So how to style your bathroom? How do you make your bathroom look just as amazing as the rest of your house? Renovation can cost a lot of money because of the tools required.

Here’s how to style your bathroom and transform your space:


That Girl Every Day How to Style Your Bathroom

Create a great impression by adding art to your walls and shelves. You can add paintings, typography, or even sculptures. This will make your bathroom more cozy and unique.

Plants & Flowers

Bring an element of freshness to your bathroom by adding plants and flowers. Add a touch of luxury by adding some greenery or flowers. Flowers and plants have a way of making a room more relaxing.

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Fixtures and Hardware

When it comes to styling your bathroom, fixtures and hardware play a huge role. If you live in a rental, you don’t have to worry about replacing the fixtures. You can spray-paint your taps and metallic fixtures a nice chrome color or even gold. This will make your bathroom pop.

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A mirror is a must-have in a bathroom. It has the ability to elevate your room. You can invest in a round mirror you can hang in your bathroom. You can then use fairy lights or faux flowers to go around your mirror for a touch of cozy.

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Keep your bathroom organized by having baskets. Invest in different size baskets so as to keep your bathroom tidy. You can have one to store all your extra tissues, towels, and cotton balls. The beauty of having baskets is you get to add texture to your room. Instead of having plastic baskets, you can get wicker baskets.


This is one of the easiest & fastest ways to style any room. You can paint your bathroom a color that reflects your personality. You can go for bold and dark colors or bright and neutral. Just make sure your paint matches your bathroom decor and essentials.

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