How to decorate with mirrors

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Have you been wondering how to decorate with mirrors? Every well-designed and decorated home has several mirrors. Some are for checking yourself out while others are purely for aesthetics. Decorating with mirrors is great because they help reflect light around the house and they make it look bigger. Before you start mounting mirrors everywhere in your house, here are a few tips on how to decorate with mirrors:

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Consider the Reflection

One of the most important tips when you want to decorate with mirrors is the reflection. Always take into account what is across from the mirror before you hang it. If it’s hang opposite a window, it will reflect the light and bounce it around making a room appear brighter. If you hang a mirror opposite something dark and unattractive, the mirror can make the room appear gloomy. Always consider the reflection before you hung up your mirrors.

Surround a mirror with plants

Embellish a mirror with plants, especially vines. This makes a room look more homely and warm. Trail the mirror with the vines, especially rounded mirrors. They elevate a room and make it look amazing.

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Soft edges

If you’re looking to decorate with mirrors, you might want to start out with mirrors with soft edges. Round mirrors are an easier composition to work with as opposed to the other geometric shapes. If you have paintings and a wall gallery, probably most of them have a rectangular or a square shape. Adding a mirror with soft edges adds a softer touch to your walls. You can go for an oval or circular mirror. This will help add a touch of elegance to your space.

Large scale wall mirror

Depending on how big your space is, you may want to go for large scale mirrors so as to match your space. Large scale mirrors when well placed have a way of adding culture and distinction to a space.


With mirrors, the options are countless. You can invest in asymmetrical mirrors as part of your decor. Asymmetrical puzzles help in adding a dynamic and fun feel to your space. They don’t have to be like the church ones with the different colors, you can just choose 2 colors and it will still look amazing. The puzzle effect brought on by asymmetrical mirrors also adds an interesting touch.

Size Matters

The size of the mirror definitely matters. Don’t be afraid of going large even if you have a small space. Small mirrors may look good in a hallway as they’re not too overpowering. For the living room and dining room, you can go for a large elegant mirror. If you can place it opposite a window so as to make the room look bigger and to allow light to bounce around.

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Wall Gallery

Use mirrors to create a wall gallery. You can include the mirrors as part of your wall gallery. Use mirrors that will compliment your wall gallery. You can place several mirrors with the same frame as your photos and wall art. This is a great way of decorating with mirrors. This is a more subtle way of introducing mirrors as part of your decor.

Mirrored Furniture

If you want to decorate with mirrors but you want a more unique and effortless feel. You can invest in mirrored furniture. You can have the doors of your furniture have mirrors. Before investing in mirrored furniture for your house, be sure not to place the furniture in busy rooms. The mirrors will reflect how busy your home is and give it a congested feel. You can use mirrored furniture for your bedroom to make it appear bigger. Or you can have mirrored furniture for your walk-in closet. Just make sure the reflections do not overpower the room.

You can also invest in subtle mirrored furniture like tables and stools. This will have a soft and elegant effect in your space

As Wall Tiles

You can decorate with mirrors by having wall tiles made of mirror material. This makes your space look more intimate and elegant. It can be a subtle way of having mirrors in a kitchen or an entertainment space.

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