Must have home decor accents

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We all want a beautiful home and to do so there are must have home decor accents. They are essential when it comes to creating a beautiful, welcoming, and cozy home. Here are some must have home decor accents every beautiful household needs:

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Trays are one of the definite must have home decor accents. They are the most versatile home decor accent. They can be placed in any room in the house and they hold multiple items. You can place them in living rooms to hold flowers, succulents, or any other item. In the kitchen, you can create a coffee station using a tray. For bathrooms, you can use trays to hold some tissues and flowers. Trays have a way of elevating a space.


Baskets are a great accessory to have. They can be used as stylish decor accents and as a way of staying organized. Depending on your overall style and color preference there are lots of options to choose from. Baskets can also be a way of adding texture to any room.

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Plants & Flowers

If you want to bring any room to life, then plants and flowers are must have home decor accents. The best part about accessorizing with plants and flowers is the versatility they come with. You can have real flowers, succulents or greenery. However, if you’re not ready to take care of real plants and flowers you can always get faux. The best part about flowers is you can change the color as you wish.

Throw Pillows and blankets

Having throw blankets and throw pillows draped in the house is a great way of making the home feel warm. Throw pillows and blankets are a great eay of adding color and texture to any room. Textured fabrics such as velvet, faux fur are soft and make a space feel warm. Draping throws on the couch or living area makes the home cozy and creates a feeling of warmth, relaxation, and serenity. You can try swapping out some of your cushion covers with faux fur. It really does add the decorative touch.


Candles have a way of making a home feel more cozy. They add a soft and elegant effect to any space. The great thing about candles is they can be placed in any room of the house. You can have candles in your kitchen, living room, bathroom, or bedroom and automatically elevate the space. If you have kids you can have battery operated candles in the living area to avoid any accidents.

Books or Magazines

Whether you love reading or not books are an essential home decor accent. They add personality and a cozy feeling we all want in our home. They are an inexpensive way of adding elegance to any space.

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Any well decorated home has a mirror. Whether it’s for aesthetic purposes or just for checking yourself out. Mirrors add glam and elegance to any room. They have a way of making a room look bigger.

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Personal Art

Hang your personal art on the walls or place them in your home as a way of adding character. The beauty of adding personal art in your home is that you will it find it in any other persons home. They are unique to you. It could be something you made yourself or even a souvenir you got while on vacation.

Statement Lighting

Statement lighting is a must have home decor accent. You can invest in a unique piece that will reflect your personality and match the rest of your home decor. Great lighting has a way of elevating a space and making it look more elegant and classic. Don’t limit yourself to just the overhead lighting, it can also be a statement floor lamp or a table lamp.

Curtains & Drapery

Curtains are a necessity and one of the must have home decor accents. They add color and warmth to a room. Your curtain selection could also be a reflection of your personality. Make sure the curtains you select match your color palette and decor style.

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Area rugs & Mats

Having rugs in different parts of the house like the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, and the corridor really helps a home cozy. Having something soft between your feet just feels warm. Invest in area rugs and mats

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