What to do when you hate your job but can’t quit

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Do I stay, or do I leave? What to do when you hate your job but can’t quit. Hating your job is quite a common experience. We all know someone who hates their job or you hate your job. Maybe it could be because you have a boring monotonous job that’s not challenging you. Your job could not be paying you well or you have a terrible boss. It could also be excessive hours without overtime. Working in a place you don’t like can affect your health.

You spend over half of your day at work and the other half sleeping. So if you hate your job it could be difficult to appreciate other aspects of your life. Here’s what to do when you hate your job but can’t quit:

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Assess Your Situation

Assess your current situation at work. Why haven’t you quit yet if you’re so unhappy? Figure out why you are still at your current workplace. There are multiple reasons why people stay at jobs they can’t stand. Here are some reasons:

  • The most obvious is finances. We all need money to maintain our upkeep and pay bills
  • The benefits that come with the job, maybe health insurance, cheap loans
  • No opportunities, maybe you are unable to get another job or don’t have the finances to start a business
  • Sense of security. At the end of the month or week, you get a salary as opposed to business.

Find out your reason for staying at your job and start making some changes. This will give you a chance to make plans and do something about it.


Take time to reflect on your job. Could you be the problem? How long do you last at a job? Do you switch jobs every 6 months or maybe less? It could be you’re not satisfied at any job because you’re not passionate about what you’re doing. Some people are just not meant to be employed. Figure out if you’re this type of person. Maybe you’re a business or an entrepreneur kind of person. Analyze your feelings towards every job you had. This will help you lay the groundwork for your plans.

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Identify the problem

Once you’ve analyzed your situation and self-reflected, you can now identify the problem. If you’re an entrepreneur kind of person consider starting a side hustle. Once you identify the problem start looking for alternatives. If you have tough working conditions and a tough boss consider talking to your boss. Just be ready for the conversation to go both ways. Your boss might take it positively or negatively. It’s your boss’s obligation to make your working conditions favorable. Talk to your boss and you just might be surprised.


When you hate your job but can’t quit you will need extra TLC. Being unhappy at work can take a toll on your mental health. You need to have a self-care routine that will ensure you relieve your stress. Practicing self-care will also ensure you relieve stress not just from work but from other aspects of your life as well. Pick up a hobby and try to replace the void left by your job.

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Make a Plan

Don’t just sit and out about your job, make a plan. Figure out if you like what you do at work. If you love what you do but you don’t like the working conditions or the boss and maybe the company culture. You might want to start looking for another job. If you generally don’t like what you do, evaluate yourself and figure out what you love doing. Try several hobbies and see which one makes you happy. If you just don’t like being told what to do, you might want to start a business and become an entrepreneur altogether. Either or make a plan of what interests you and work through it.

Vent About It

When you hate your job but can’t quit, find someone to talk it out with. Talk about it with your close friends and family. Venting about your job might help relieve some stress and might make you feel better. Just be careful where and how you vent. Don’t take it to social media or talk about it with your workmates. Your co-workers might want to impress your boss and tell them how you really feel. Alternatively, you can journal about it. This can help give you closure and you might actually figure out what you don’t like about your job.


Maybe your workplace is frustrating because you don’t have the right set of friends. Work friends are very important when it comes to getting by in the office. You might be surprised when you find out they feel the same way about the workplace. Just don’t reveal a lot because you never really know when they might side with the boss. Work friends can help you appreciate the office.

Make connections with your supervisors and clients as well. Networking might help open up opportunities for you in the future. Remember you’re only as good as your network. Make sure your name comes up in the right conversations.

Look for alternatives

If you’ve tried liking your job but to no avail, you might want to consider your options. If you’re passionate about your job, start applying for other jobs. Be discreet and private about it. Go for more networking events and increase your chances. If you want to leave your career path entirely, you might want to start a side hustle by doing something you’re passionate about.

Resign With Class

If you get another job or if your side hustle picks up, resign with grace. Do not burn your bridges and don’t take anything personally. Leave with your head held high, you never know if in the future you might need or meet your co-workers. Life is funny that way, so be gracious and serve your resignation period then leave.

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