How to be stylish on a budget

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How to be stylish on a budget

How can you be stylish without breaking the bank? Money can’t buy style so tons of money doesn’t necessarily mean you have style. There’s some tricks you can use to elevate your style. 

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Here’s some tips on how to look like a million bucks without the bucks. 


Most of us have a tendency of holding on to outfits we no longer wear. Style is always changing and evolving. Just take some time and evaluate your closet, you’ll be surprised what you find in there. 

Find out what you have and don’t have. Then come up with a purchase plan to get what you don’t have. 

Stay Stylish: Go monochrome 

There’s just something about an all-black outfit or an all-white outfit. Going monochrome automatically elevates your style to the next level. Stay stylish on a budget by buying monochrome outfits. Monochrome outfits automatically stand out. Plus they give you a mix and match option. It looks like multiple outfits but really it’s just a change of color. 

Quality not Quantity 

Don’t just buy clothes simply because you want a full closet. How many times do you go to your closet and say I don’t have any clothes yet your closet is full? Focus on buying quality outfits as opposed to clothes. When purchasing clothes make sure you can make an outfit out of it. Don’t buy cheap clothes in the name of staying stylish on a budget. Focus more on quality than quantity. 

Retail therapy 

We have all indulged in retail therapy at some point. You’re bored or tired so you scroll through your facebook and instagram timeline you see a cute outfit and you make a mistake of opening the website. After 30 minutes you’re in deep, you have 200 items on your wishlist and 20 in your cart. So you make the jump and actually purchase. Avoid shopping while bored. You will buy things you do not need or will not use as frequently. When shopping for outfits and clothes be sure what you want to purchase and how it will contribute to your personal style. Don’t just buy something because it looks gorgeous on the model. This way you will manage to stay stylish on a budget. 

Take care of your clothes 

Follow the laundry instructions on your clothes, steam your clothes as opposed to ironing, do not wash your clothes after every wear. Focus on cleaning the dirty areas. We’re not saying walk around with smelly clothes but washing your clothes after every wear will have them wearing out and fading at an accelerated rate. Mend your clothes when they start falling apart. 

Wait for that sale 

There’s always a store with a sale. Maximize on the sales to maintain your style on a budget. Just make sure you are not forfeiting on quality. If you’re shopping online, look for discounts or coupon codes. 

Disclaimer: Don’t just buy because it’s on sale. Don’t buy it if you’re not 100% into it. 

Stick to the classics 

Stop spending money on seasonal trends. Remember the neon trend? Now people are going back to the classics and leaning toward neutral colors. Imagine if you invested a fortune buying neon outfits or PVC handbags just to stay in trend? Stick to the classics, solid colors will always be classic. Invest in statement pieces as well a statement necklace, ring, earrings. 

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