Ways your coffee can make your hair healthy

by Lynn

Ways your coffee can make your hair healthy

We all know that feeling of happiness when the first sip of coffee kicks in. Well, what if coffee could do the same thing for your hair? Here are a few ways your coffee can make your hair healthy:

Coffee promotes Hair Growth 

Coffee enhances hair growth by stimulating the roots. The caffeine blocks the effect of DHT(A sex hormone that damages hair follicles and causes baldness). Caffeine is rich in antioxidants that can block causes of cell damage and stimulate healthy cell production. 

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Prevents hair loss 

Caffeine helps prevent hair loss, as it stimulates the follicles triggering hair growth. Wash your hair with brewed coffee twice a week to stimulate your hair growth and eliminate hair loss. 

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Natural hair color 

Caffeine helps color the hair naturally. Its dark color helps stain the hair. If you want to color your hair just wash your hair to get rid of any dirt, residue, or oils in your hair. Brew a fresh pot of strong coffee and let it cool. Cover your hair with it for 1 – 2 hours then rinse it off. 

Hair detangler 

A coffee rinse makes it easier to detangle hair as it makes the hair shaft stronger and smoother, making it easier to manage the hair while giving it a natural sheen. The coffee rinse will make your hair easier to handle when detangling. 

Hair Mask 

Coffee can be used as a mask. It has antioxidants that promote hair regeneration and improve dullness on hair. Mix a tablespoon of honey and olive oil each then add two teaspoons of coffee powder. Make a smooth paste then apply to the hair. Leave it on for about half an hour then rinse it off.

Hair Rinse 

A caffeine rinse can help hair retain more moisture. Caffeine increases blood circulation which in turn helps move nutrients to the hair roots, resulting in healthier, shinier hair. This enhances the texture and the color of your hair.  Brew strong coffee, let the solution cool, and use it as a final rinse for your hair after washing it. The result will be silky and smooth and will also help to slow or stop shedding.

Leave in conditioner 

The caffeine reduces the frizziness of hair and improves the hair shaft and structure making the hair stronger. After your shampoo routine pour some cold-brewed coffee on your hair and make sure every strand gets coated. Allow this to sit for 5- 10 minutes. After you can apply a moisturizer.  

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