Short Natural Wedding Hairstyles

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So you have short natural hair and you want to slay at your wedding with your short haircut. There are multiple short natural wedding hairstyles you can work with. You can still pull off your short natural hair on your big day and look as glamorous as ever.

1. TWA

If your hair is too short to be a ponytail, do not force issues. Rock your TWA like a pro and accessorize it with a flower accessory.

Short Natural Wedding Hairstyle 2

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2. Bald with a birdcage veil

If you’re bald you can maintain your nice bald look and accessorize it with a birdcage veil of your choice.

3. Pixie Cut

If you have a pixie cut or a tapered cut you can swoop it in eaves and add an accessory to make it loo

Short Natural Wedding Hairstyle 1

3. Finger Waves

If you have short hair, you can pull off finger ways in a way people with long hair can’t. You can use this to your advantage and rock this look on your big day.

Short Natural Wedding Hairstyle

4. Bald With Color

If you’re bald you can always choose a color that works for you. Amber Rose’s hair color is platinum and it suits her. Accessorize your bald look with a set of rhinestones or diamonds for a glamorous look.

5. Vintage Waves with Accessories

You can choose to go bold and make a statement with your hair accessories.

7. Short Hair with Accessory

This is one of the simple yet elegant short natural wedding hairstyles. You can’t go wrong with this look. It’s simple and efficient.

8. Pixie Cut With Accessories

Go bold and place a bold hair accessory statement piece on top of your pixie cut for a more glamorous feel.

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