10 Ways to declutter your bedroom

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Are you looking to declutter your bedroom? A clutter-free bedroom can improve the quality of your sleep due to the peaceful environment. Your first step should be to determine how you want your bedroom to look and more importantly how you want it to feel.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to declutter your bedroom and maintain it.

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Closet decluttering

If you want to declutter your bedroom, the closet is the first place you should start. The closet is one of the areas in your room that have clutter. When cleaning out your closet ask yourself tough questions. Don’t just ask yourself when was the last time you wore something, ask yourself if you actually like it and if you like how you look in it. If the answer is negative to these questions then you should get rid of that piece of clothing. This will ensure you’re only left with outfits you really like.

Define your space

Before you declutter your bedroom you should know how you want your bedroom to look and feel. You can have a vision board of how you want your room to look and the functionalities you want your bedroom to have. If you want your bedroom to just be a sleeping space make sure it reflects in your bedroom organization. If you want to have a small office or a reading nook let it reflect that. Once you have a vision and you define your space this will help determine how you declutter.

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Organise your drawers

Drawers are culprits when it comes to clutter. It’s very easy for drawers to get cluttered as they can be easily hidden. It’s easy to dump all your clutter in and leave it. If you want to declutter your bedroom, don’t forget to organize your drawers. Invest in storage organizers and make sure everything has its own storage. This will ensure your items don’t get lost in your drawer. Have earrings in one place, accessories in the other. Use storage boxes to keep everything organized.

Furniture with storage

If you have a lot of stuff, you can invest in furniture with storage to accommodate your stuff. You can have a bed bench with storage to store extra bedsheets and towels. You can also invest in beds with storage to put clothes you wear seasonally i.e. during cold seasons or bikinis. This will help clear any visible clutter that you may have.

Underbed clutter

When you’re decluttering your bedroom don’t forget to declutter your underbed. Remove everything that you have under your bed and clean thoroughly. Assess everything you had under your bed and sort it out. Decide if you should place them in storage or even donate them if you don’t use them. Clearing the clutter under your bed can even improve the quality of your sleep because it feels good sleeping in a decluttered space.

Surface clutter

When decluttering your bedroom be sure to declutter the surfaces. Flat surfaces in your bedroom are the dressing tables, side tables, and any tables you may have in your room. Ensure all your surfaces are clear of any clutter. Surfaces in the bedroom can accumulate earrings, necklaces, books, and other unnecessary items. Sort and organize your surfaces using storage organizers and trays. This will reduce excess clutter on your surfaces.

Get rid of the extra furniture

Extra furniture in your room may lead to additional clutter. We all know that corner chair that has a pile of clothes waiting to be folded or washed. If you have extra furniture in your room you should assess the functionality. Do you use that furniture set in your corner? Or do they just help in accumulating clutter? Assess the extra furniture in your room and if you barely use the furniture, it may be time for the furniture to go.

Pick the right-sized bed

Pick a bed based on the size of your bedroom. If you have a small bedroom it would be best to get a small bed so as to avoid having the room crowded. A big bed in a small room will make it feel stuffy and might attract more clutter under the bed.

Avoid visual clutter

If you have multiple artworks and family photos on your walls, you may want to reevaluate your audiovisual clutter. Multiple audio clutter may still have the room feeling stuffy and crowded even when the room is free of clutter. You might want to keep your walls as simple as you possibly can.

Frequent Decluttering

If you want to avoid clutter you have to declutter your bedroom often. You can choose to declutter your closet every month, clean your drawers weekly as opposed to decluttering once or twice a year. This will ensure your room remains clutter-free and clean all year round.

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