Must have cleaning essentials in your home

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We’ve put together a list of must have cleaning essentials in your home. People are spending more time at home because of the Corona Virus pandemic and staying in a clean and tidy space is calming and to some extent is even a coping mechanism. Having a clean home acts as a sanctuary in this crazy world.

Here are must have cleaning essentials to have in your home both cleaning products and tools.

Cleaning Products

All-purpose cleaner

An all-purpose cleaner is one of the must have cleaning essentials because of its versatility. It’s great for multi-surface cleaning. All-purpose cleaner cleans glass, countertops, furniture, floors, stainless steel, and even bathrooms. It cleans grease stains, dirt, and other stains.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a super effective cleaning agent that’s efficient and gentle at the same time. It unclogs kitchen drains, gets rid of odors from fridges and carpets. Baking soda is also very effective when it comes to cleaning greasy items.

Glass cleaner

Invest in a glass cleaner for your surfaces and windows. Glass cleaner is also one of the must have cleaning essentials especially if you have glass tables. The cleaner will clean your table without leaving any streaks or smears.

Wood cleaner

If you have wood in your house this is one of the must have cleaning essentials. Wood needs a specific cleaner that will not damage the varnish and the quality of the wood. Invest in a wood cleaner to save your wood, you may want to refrain from using an all-purpose cleaner on wood.

Toilet bowl cleaner

Get a bleach toilet bowl cleaner to ensure you always have a clean toilet. Get a good quality one so your toilet is always spotless.

Antibacterial cleaning products

Get antibacterial cleaning products for your household. They help disinfect your home and keep a germ-free home. This is especially important if you have kids or pets.

Tile cleaner

Preserve your tiles using a tile cleaner. A good tile cleaner will remove mildew not just from your tiles but the grout as well. A tile cleaner with bleach will also help remove scum from your tiles as well. They’re usually pretty strong so you might want to clean when all windows are open or invest in a gas mask.

White vinegar

White vinegar is acidic making it an effective cleaning agent. It cleans out grease, dirt, and grime and has antibacterial properties which are strong enough to kill germs as well.

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Cleaning Tools

Microfibre cloths

Microfiber cloths are one of the must have cleaning essentials because they’re gentle and easily trap dust and dirt. They also don’t require a lot of products in order to clean efficiently. Microfibre cloths are also great because they don’t leave streak marks especially when it comes to glass surfaces.

Vacuum Cleaner

You may want to invest in a vacuum cleaner as it’s one of the must have cleaning essentials. It may be bulky and take up a lot of storage space but you need one. It helps in effectively removing dust from your carpet and seats unlike sweeping which may only remove 50% of the dust. It may be expensive, however, you can invest in an inexpensive, smaller, and more compact vacuum

Broom and dustpan

You will require a broom and a dustpan when it comes to collecting dirt. There are some things a vacuum cleaner can’t do i.e. when you break a glass you can’t use a vacuum to collect the broken glass. You would need a broom and a dustpan at first, then you can finish off with a vacuum.

Toilet brush and holder

If you want to keep your toilet sparkling clean all the time, you will need a toilet brush and holder. This will help brush your toilet in places you can’t reach with your gloves.

Rubber gloves

Gloves are a must have in every household. They protect your hands from the cleaning product chemicals. The chemicals might be harsh on your skin so you can invest in a set of thick rubber gloves or reusable latex gloves.


You will need a bucket. You might need it for mixing your cleaning products. A bucket is very multipurpose as you can still use it as storage for your cleaning supplies.

Spray Bottle

If you plan on using products like white vinegar and baking soda, you will need to invest in a couple of spray bottles. They’re inexpensive and would be a great addition to your must have cleaning essentials.

Scrub Brush

A microfibre cloth or a sponge may not get rid of all dirt or grease stains. Sometimes you might need a brush as reinforcement. You can have both a soft bristle brush and a hard bristle brush as they may have different functionalities.


Most people don’t like mops because they’re hectic and storage is tricky. But there are more compact mops that are easier to store, clean better, and are highly absorbent.

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