12 Signs He’s A Keeper

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When you’re getting into a relationship you’ll want to assess signs he’s a keeper. It’s normal to think if the person you’re in a relationship with is someone you can see yourself growing old with. The signs he’s a keeper can be found in the little things that he does for you. He always has your back and is there to support you through thick and thin. He loves spending time with you and tries to make every day with him special.

One of the most important things to remember is that you should never settle for anything less than what you deserve. This doesn’t mean that you should be demanding and difficult, but rather that you need to make sure that your partner is as committed to the relationship as much as you are.

Here are the signs that he’s a keeper;

1. He Listens

The first sign that he’s a keeper is that he listens to you. He knows when to talk and when to listen. This is a great way to know if he’s really interested in what you’re saying or if he’s just trying to get out of talking with you.

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2. Trustworthy

He is trustworthy and you don’t have to worry about him cheating on you or being dishonest in any way. He respects your values and does not try to pressure you into doing anything that you don’t want to do. Trust is an important part of any relationship. It’s one of the most valuable traits a person can have, and it can be hard to find someone you can trust. There are many signs that he may be trustworthy. If he’s always there for you, if he trusts you and vice versa, if he has your back when you need him most these are all signs that this man is a keeper.

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3. Communicative

He communicates with you and listens when you talk about your feelings. You have to be able to communicate with your partner. Communication is important in any relationship, it’s the glue that holds everything together. Communication is more than just talking and listening. It’s about understanding each other and being able to read each other’s thoughts and feelings.

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4. Respectful

A partner that respects you is a very important trait to look for in a relationship. Your partner should respect your opinions and your decisions. He doesn’t put you down in front of others and never takes his frustrations out on you. He respects you at all times.

5. You’re Comfortable Around Him

You are comfortable around him and you don’t feel like he’s a threat to your emotional well-being. You feel like you can be yourself and not worry about how he will react. One of the signs he’s a keeper is that you don’t have to pretend to be someone else or hide parts of yourself from him. You’re your true authentic self.

6. Supportive

A supportive partner is a keeper. He helps you when you’re feeling low and celebrates with you when things are going well. He’s always there for you and he wants to know what’s going on in your life. You can talk to him about anything and he’ll support your decisions.

7. He Notices

If he notices the small things about you, then he’s definitely a keeper. If he notices you, it means he pays attention to what you are doing. A man who is a keeper will notice you. He will notice the way you smell, the tiny details about you, and all of your little quirks. If he’s not just paying attention to the way you look, but he’s also taking notice of who you are and what makes you, well, YOU. He’s a keeper

8. He Makes Time

A man who makes time for you is a keeper. He’ll give you his attention and make sure that he listens to you and your needs. A keeper is very intentional about setting time aside to spend with you. He’ll put in the effort to be with you, whether it’s making plans or showing up on your doorstep.

9. You’re Happy

It is not easy to find the perfect person for you. Sometimes, it takes years before you find that one person who makes you feel happy, loved, and content. If when you’re with him you feel happy and content, these are definite signs that he’s a keeper.

10. He Checks Up On You

The next sign is if he texts you often and checks up on you throughout the day. If this person really cares about you, they will want to know how your day went and what’s going on in your life.

11. Family Oriented

The qualities that make a man a keeper are not always the ones that make him seem like a good prospect at first. It’s the little things he does for you and your family, his family and friends, and how he handles himself in difficult times that show his true worth. If he has a good relationship with his family or your family, this is one of the signs he’s a keeper.

12. Conflict Resolution

A man who handles conflicts well will be able to keep his cool and not take things personally is a great sign of a keeper. He will also be able to see both sides of the story and find a solution that works for everyone. When you are arguing with your partner, try to make sure that you are both in the same frame of mind and that it’s you against the issue and not each other.

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