Powerful Ted Talks About Mental Health

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Ted Talks About Mental Health

There are several powerful Ted talks about mental health, how to deal with it, how to improve it, and how to understand overall mental health. Here are some inspirational Ted talks about mental health that will change your perspective on your own mental health.

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Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability

In this powerful Ted Talk, Brene Brown talks about expanding your perception. She talks about fully embracing vulnerability instead of numbing it. What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful.

In this talk she discusses:

  • Connection: The main reason why we’re here, it’s what gives purpose and meaning to our life.
  • Shame & fear: The ffeling that you’re not worthy of connection
  • Vulnerability: In order for you to connect with people you need to be vulnerable
  • Sense of worthiness: Courage, compassion & connection

Guy Winch: Why we all need to practice emotional first aid

In this Ted Talk Guy Winch talks about how people know when to see a doctor when they are physically sick but fail to do the same when they are in emotional pain. He talks about favoring the body over the mind. He talks about the need to talk about maintaining psychological health and emotional hygiene. Our physical health is so much important than our psychological health.

In this talk he discusses:

  • How we should take care of our psychological health. Psychological injuries like failure, rejection and loneliness can have a longer lasting effect than physical injuries.
  • Loneliness creates a deep psychological wound
  • The need to practice emotional hygiene: Pay attention to emotional health
  • How your mind tricks you when it comes to failure, frustrations & setbacks
  • How to stop emotional bleeding
  • Protect your self esteem & battle negative thinking

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Kevin Briggs: The bridge between suicide and life

Kevin Briggs retired from the California Highway Patrol after 23 years most of which he spent guarding the Golden Gate Bridge which is a magnet for suicide. He talks about how suicide affects so many people. What would you do if your family member friend or lover was suicidal? What would you say? Would you know what to say?

This is one of the powerful ted talks about mental health, particularly when it comes to dealing with suicide. If you’re ever in such a situation here’s what he advises to do:

  • Don’t just talk, listen.
  • Listen to understand.
  • Don’t argue or blame them or tell them you know how they feel.
  • Being there might just be the turning point they need.
  • Confront them head on, Ask: people in similar situations have thought of commiting suicide, have you had these thoughts?

Signs to look for if you think someone is suicidal:

  • Hopelessness & depression.
  • Believing that there is nothing they can do about it.
  • Recent social withdrawal.
  • Loss of interest in life.

Morgana Bailey: The danger of hiding who you are

Morgana Bailey talks about the danger of hiding who you are in this Ted Talk. She says hiding is a progressive habit. She talks about how to stop hiding because of how the truth might define her, how she was paralyzed by the fear of not being accepted if she spoke her truth.

In this Ted Talk she talks about:

  • How we believe conformity is critical in life
  • Fearing how others percieve us

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