How to make your clothes look more expensive

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Make your clothes look more expensive

Want to look like a million bucks but don’t have the coins? Well, you’re in the right place, we’ll show you how to look polished, expensive, all that and a bag of chips. If you utilize these simple hacks you will serve elegant looks without breaking the bank. All you need is a great eye, a sense of style, and a bit of creativity to make your clothes look more expensive. 

Here are some tips on how to make your clothes look more expensive:

Get it customized 

This is a very small change which can be very drastic in automatically making your clothes look more expensive. Get all your clothes resized and adjusted to fit you perfectly. If you have clothes that don’t fit you anymore, please, let them go. We have all gotten attached to clothes that we have outgrown, stop holding onto these pieces if you want your clothes to look more expensive. 

You can also customize your clothes by replacing those cheap buttons that break in the wash with expensive ones. You can get buttons from old outfits you don’t wear anymore or simply buy from the store. 


The right accessories can make all the difference, they will make or break your outfit. Always make sure you have accessories in your closet whether it’s a statement necklace, rings, handbag, earrings, scarves. The list is endless.

A disclaimer when you accessorize though. Match your accessories! Do not mix and match your accessories, don’t wear a golden belt buckle with a silver necklace and a bronze belt. Match your accessories to your hardware, accessories, and outfit. Hardware includes outfit zippers, belt buckles, shoe accessories, handbag chains. 

Go nude 

There’s something about nude colors that come across as polished and put together. Nude colors are just so effortlessly elegant. Nude clothes look more expensive. You can easily match nudes with other colors and textures 

Go dark on denim 

Whether you’re into skinny jeans, bootcut jeans, boyfriend jeans, or distressed jeans, dark-colored denim is your best bet to make your outfit look more expensive.  It’s best to stick to high-quality dark wash jeans. 

Add patterns and texture 

Patterns and texture add detail and visual interest to your outfit. You can choose patterns with the same base color and combine them to create a cohesive look. The textures and patterns make any outfit look expensive. You just have to do it right. Patterns if not added correctly can make your clothes look cheap.

Invest in a lint roller and a hand steamer 

Wrinkles, fur, and hair do not go with any outfit. Wrinkles make outfits look cheap. As opposed to ironing hand steamers are more gentle and they protect the fabric and shape of the garment. Not to mention they’re quick too. 

Get your glam on 

Slap on some lipstick, always have well-manicured nails and great hair. With all this in place, your outfit automatically looks more expensive. 

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