The Summer Proposal by Vi Keekland – Review

by Lynn
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The Summer proposal started when Georgia, a 28-year-old successful workaholic decides to go on a blind date. Her mother’s 74-year-old friend set the date up. Max steps in and pretends to be her blind date and invites her for a hockey game. When the real guy she was set up with shows up, there’s no spark and chemistry. After the blind date is over Georgia decides to go to the hockey game, except Max doesn’t show up. When she decides to leave, she sees Max taking his helmet off.

Max is supposed to be traded to California after summer and Georgia is in an open relationship. Max comes up with the summer proposal and decides to start a fling with no long-term commitment in mind. Maggie, Georgia’s best friend advises her to go along with it and she seriously considers it. With their fling having an expiration date they start seeing each other.

I get the feeling you usually get what you want.” “Is that a bad thing? Maybe it’s because I’m not a man easily deterred. I don’t mind working for something.”

“Magic, sweetheart,” he said. “We’re going to make magic.”

What I liked best was that she seemed to know who she was, and while she could poke fun, she was also proud and unashamed. Too many women wanted to be someone else

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If you’re a romantic at heart this book is perfect to add to your collection. It’s witty and charming

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