A Not So Meet Cute by Meghan Quinn – Review

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A Not So Meet Cute by Meghan Quinn

Lottie didn’t expect to be fired especially by her best friend Angela. Her mother expects her to move out after her promotion. In search of a miracle, Lottie is in desperate need of a rich boyfriend, this is how she bumps into Huxley, a not so meet cute. A real estate mogul in desperate need of a fake pregnant fiancee in order to close a deal. Desperation does make for strange bedfellows. Huxley proposes she plays the role of his fake fiancee. Lottie needs money and Huxley needs a fiancee, what could possibly go wrong?

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When Lottie finally agrees to his deal, she realizes that the fun and pleasant Huxley she met was gone. Huxley had let his guard down when he met her, but his business mode had kicked right back in after that. He did not expect to have feelings for his fake fiancee and neither did she. The connection and friction between them is mind-blowing. Lottie is bold, sassy, and strong witted which is something he did not expect.

Here are some personal favorite quotes from the book;

“Fine, but I’m going to need to know your dick size before you leave.”

“Why do you need to know that?” I ask.

“Because, I need to know if I have to act like a happy fiancée, or a truly satisfied fiancée.”

Fuck, the ovaries on this girl.”

“This will change everything. You might still hate me, you might still not want to look at me, but you’ll damn well know, you fucking crave me.”

“She’s not what I was expecting. But she’s everything I fucking want.”

The tension between Lottie and Huxley is intense and steamy which is what makes this book an absolute page-turner. The more Huxley and Lottie spend time together the better it got.

A Not so meet cute is the perfect rom-com where strangers become enemies and then lovers. You need to add this book to your collection.


How did you two meet? The quintessential question asked to every couple. And the answer is usually some bubbly, lovey dovey tale of being struck in the bum by Cupid’s arrow.

My meet cute (well not so meet cute) is slightly different. I was trolling a wealthy neighborhood in Beverly Hills, searching for someone to take me as their bride, you know, to make my arch nemesis jealous who consequently just fired me.

He was stomping around the block like some sort of gorgeous ogre, mumbling about a business deal gone wrong and attempting to finagle his way out of it. And that’s when we bumped into each other. There were no sparks. Not even a hint of blossoming love.

But next thing I knew, I was scarfing down free chips and guac, listening to this man lay out all of his problems which led to his big ask . . . he wanted me to be his Vivian Ward, you know, from Pretty Woman–minus the frisky behavior.

We’re talking about living in a mansion, intimate double dates, and pretending we were head over heels in love . . . and engaged. Can you imagine?

The absolute audacity.

But people do crazy things when they’re desperate. And I reeked of desperation. So, I struck up a deal.

My one big mistake, though . . . big . . . HUGE? I accidentally fell for the incomparable Huxley Cane.

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