How To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

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Step outside of your comfort zone

It’s natural to want to stay in your comfort zone because of life’s unpredictability. It’s the one place that most of the time will not disappoint us. However, there are so my opportunities outside your comfort zone. Taking risks and chances can be more rewarding and is key to evolving. The comfort zone is secure and prevents self-improvement and growth. Leaving your comfort zone is so much more rewarding.

Here’s how you can step outside your comfort zone and change your life:

Make Changes to Your Daily Routine

Analyze your daily routine and figure out which habits you want to change. Start making small changes to your daily routine. If you watch TV every day after work, you can reduce the hours you watch TV and replace them with a habit that will bring you closer to your goal. You can grab a book or write a blog depending on what you want to achieve. Making small changes to your daily routine will have you breaking your bad habits and getting out of your comfort zone.

Baby Steps

Start small as you step outside your comfort zone to prevent getting overwhelmed. If you do this you’ll go right back to your comfort zone. Start with baby steps and break down your goals into manageable actions plans and steps. It’s human nature to naturally resist change. So starting with baby steps is very essential when you want to step outside your comfort zone. Focus on one action plan at a time and eventually, you will have attained your goal and left your comfort zone.

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Before you step outside your comfort zone you need to understand why you were within your comfort zone in the first place. You need clarity on why you lay it safe. It could be previous experience, failure, fear or you feel unworthy. Assess yourself and gain some clarity, this will help you move forward. Make a list of all the things that give you discomfort and dig deep. Assess every single one of them and ask yourself why you have not done it before, get to the root of it. This clarity will give you the confidence you need to step outside of your comfort zone.


Doing uncomfortable things can be scary and overwhelming, so you have to always remember why you’re doing it. Reminding yourself of the benefits of why you’re doing it in the first place can be very beneficial. The benefits can be financial, emotional, you might discover your true calling and so much more. When you’re doing something that makes you uncomfortable always remember why you’re doing it. This will give you the confidence and resilience you need to continue doing uncomfortable things. The benefits will also inspire you to take action. When you’re doing something that makes you uncomfortable ask yourself, what’s the worst that can happen? Or what’s the best that can happen. This will also motivate you.

Give up control

If you step outside your comfort zone you have to give up control. It’s natural for you to want to have full control of your life, it’s why we hate change. However, you have to give up control. You have to accept that you can’t control the outcome of anything in your life. Especially when you’re not in your comfort zone, you can’t guarantee any outcome. You just have to take that risk and do it with a positive mindset.

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Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Leaving your comfort zone means you should adjust and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. When you’re doing something uncomfortable always remind yourself what you will be gaining in the long run. This technique will make you easily get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Having the benefits at the back of your mind will help you push through any discomfort that you may face as you’re pursuing your goal. Give yourself a pep talk about how fearless you are. Make a habit of trying out something new, this will make you bolder.

Track your goals & accomplishments

Keep a list of your goals for accountability and as a reminder to yourself. With time you’ll start to notice a change within yourself, let this be a motivating factor. A list of your goals will motivate you to continue doing things that make you uncomfortable. Celebrate any accomplishment no matter how small as this will help you push further. These small wins eventually become a big win.

Support System

When you’re stepping out of your comfort zone you’ll need all the support you can get. It can be from friends & family or an online forum. The process is not easy, so you will need all the motivation you can get. This can boost your confidence and keep you consistent in the long run.

Room for improvement

If you’re trying something that makes you uncomfortable go easy on yourself. If you’re trying something new you will fail, you just have to dust yourself off and try again. With time you will improve and get better. Work on changing your habits to obtain optimum results. Just try your best and don’t revert to your comfort zone and even if you do remind yourself why you started. This will help you get back on track.

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