How to make money while blogging

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Make money while blogging

Isn’t this the ultimate goal? To have a money-making blog. While it may seem easy to start a blog, starting a money-making blog requires much more effort. When choosing ways to monetize your blog or site you have to target your niche audience and offer high-quality products, services, and exceptional content. 

Here are some ways on how to make your money while blogging

Google AdSense 

This is one of the easiest ways to start earning money from your blog especially when you’re starting out. Google pays you per impressions or per click. This however requires a lot of traffic for you to start earning decent money. 

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Online courses and E-Books 

You can include online courses as part of your monetization strategy. Online courses and workshops have very high potential when it comes to earning extra revenue for your brand. You can go in this direction if you also don’t want to have native ads on your site. You can start online courses and workshops in relation to your blog niche. You can also create E-Books and sell them to your followers and viewers 

Affiliate marketing 

This is promoting products and services offered by other companies and receive a commission for it. So many companies offer affiliate marketing as part of their strategy to promote brand awareness. 

Sell memberships 

High-quality content can build brand loyalty which means credibility for your blog or website. With your blog gaining credibility you can start selling memberships for people to access exclusive content. Your content has to be more valuable and you have to make sure your content is not accessible anywhere else. 

Sponsored posts 

If you don’t want to have ads all over your site you can monetize your blog using sponsored posts. Displaying Google ads comes with a risk of its own because you have no control over what ad is placed on your site. If you choose to go the sponsored posts way, make sure you have a separate page detailing your rates and site statistics. Alternatively, you can always have a contact page for business deals. 

Create a paywall 

If you have great content on your site you have loyal readers who would pay to read your content. You can create a paywall where after a viewer reads a certain number of stories they have to pay a certain amount to continue accessing the content just like the New York Times does. Your content has to be very unique and credible for people to actually pay subscriptions to access your content.

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