Free Google Tools For Business Owners

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Free Google Tools For Business Owners

As a business, software to manage it can accrue and become very costly in the long run. Thankfully, Google has so many free tools you can utilize to make your business processes easier and more manageable. If you’re just starting out as a business, Google is the best way to start.

Here are some free Google tools for business owners to help you in managing and scaling it;

1. Google My Business

Engage with your potential clientele on Google free of charge using Google My Business. You can create a free profile on Google and create a great business profile that will create visibility for your business. This increases brand awareness and visibility and is a new way for clients to reach you. Google my business also increases your overall web presence.

2. Google Calendar

This will automatically increase your productivity as a business. A Google calendar can help you stay productive by reminding you of appointments, meetings and important events. It keeps your day organized. There are also multiple apps you can link to google calendar that can make running your business easier.

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3. Google Digital Garage

Digital Garage is a great resource where you can get free tutorials and certifications related to your business. From coding to digital marketing and multiple digital skills. This is a great way of learning how to scale your business to greater heights. There are multiple resources that will help you improve and grow your business.

4. Think With Google

Think With Google is an amazing tool for business owners. Depending on the industry your business is in, you can get insights and useful articles that will help grow your business and give you an insight into possible changes.

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5. Google Meet

Google Meet is amazing for online meetings. You can use it with Google Hangouts to keep in touch with your virtual assistants and clients if you have. There are multiple ways you can use google meet as a business. It can be for virtual interviews, conference calls with international clients and suppliers and so much more. The best part about google meet is that it does not have a time limit like the free version of zoom.

6. Google Keep

Google Keep is a great tool for managing your notes. You can add voice notes and set reminders that can sync with your other Google tools. It can be great for creating your to-do list.

7. Google Retail

Google retail is a tool that will help you connect with shoppers all over the world. It makes it easier for clients to find your business. It also allows you to create a store where you can have Google pay manage your payments for you.

8. Google Blogger

Google Blogger is a great way to create a website for your business before you can get a fully designed e-commerce website. You can start by writing log articles for your business and updates as well to your clients. This will help improve your online presence.

9. Google Feedburner

Having Google FeedBurner connected to your website allows your clients and visitors to subscribe and access your content. If you have a blog or a podcast that is connected to your website, it increases the chances of growth in your business. It also increases the online presence of your business.

10. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is very important when it comes to assessing your online web performance and sales. It’s an amazing free tool that gives you insight into who is visiting your website, the traffic referral, and where they’re from. This is an amazing tool as it will help you divert your efforts where they are paying off.

11. Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is very useful as it gives you free insights when it comes to your website performance. It allows you to assess your website performance on mobile and web. It gives valuable insight on your website coverage and any technical issues that your site may have. Webmaster tools also give great suggestions on how to improve your website.

12. Keyword Planner

As a business, if you have any intentions of advertising, the Google keyword planner is a great way of helping you plan your budget and create your target audience.

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13. Google Trends

As a business owner, you need to keep up with the trends and the changing times. Google Trends allows you to monitor trends in your business industry and ensures you’re up to date.

14. Google Alerts

With Google alerts you can receive email alerts every time a topic of interest is updated. You just create an alert on the platform and you receive alerts on email.

15. Google Forms

As a business, you will need to collect data and feedback from your clients and suppliers. Google forms is a great tool to use for surveys, interviews, leads and so much more. You can use it to conduct a survey before launching a product. There are multiple ways you can use google forms for your business.

16. Developer Tools

Google developer tools is a very important tool for a business owner. It can help you create applications and improve them. There are tools on data that can help you analyze your business.

You may not use all of these tools but they are very useful in helping you manage your business.

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